Saturday, June 30, 2012

No fireworks on 4th of July...?

Sadly, it's true. There will be no fireworks for ANYONE in Colorado for the 4th of July.
We had a huge pack of fireworks that we bought last year on clearance, and now we won't be able to use them. My brother goes to this "Police Explorers Program" every Thursday night, so when my dad dropped my brother off, he asked the officer if we can still do sparklers, poppers, and anything else. The police officer said, "Nope! Because the level of the fires here in Colorado, it's to dangerous right now, so we're going to have to write a ticket out for anyone we catch doing fireworks whether illegal or legal. So, we'd appreciate it if you'd spread the word around to anyone you know."

So, we are banned from seeing any fireworks or doing any fireworks. What's fourth of July going to be without Fireworks?

The fires are driving me crazy! It's so sad that the fires that are down here in Colorado...that some of them were started on sad!
The one thing that I love about my brother being with the police force all the time, is that we get new information about certain things. In this instance, it's the fires. I guess there have been a few people impersonating firemen to rob people's houses after they had been
evacuated. Thankfully they were caught... : )

The fire started getting so close to us that my mom started saying, "Maybe we should put some important things in the car right now just in case we need to be evacuated." So far, we haven't been evacuated, but hey, only God knows.

My mom asked me what I would take with me if we had to be evacuated...I would take, my Bible study/Bible, a quilt my grandma made me for my graduation that has my closest friends posted on it, my computer which has all my stories and such on it, and my Violin/Fiddle probably.
What would you take if you had let's say 30 minutes to evacuate your house?

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