Thursday, June 1, 2017

To My Son...

     To my son, on your first birthday. I can't believe it's been a whole year since you've been born. You've prepared me for so many things that I didn't think I could do. I didn't realize how tough being a mom could be, but I also didn't realize how amazing it would be either. It's amazing to see your first smile. It's amazing to watch as you figure out how to crawl and walk. It's amazing to see your face brighten up when daddy comes home, and takes you into his arms. It's amazing to see how big you've gotten, and how much you've learned, and still have yet to learn.
     When I became a mom, I knew that it would be hard, and full of life lessons, but little did I know how much you'd teach me. In the months following your birth, you'd teach me how I can love someone so much who's so small.
     There was many hard roads to follow in the months following your birth. It was though God decided to put a tree in the middle of the road every few yards for us to get around. Your mommy didn't have much patience through this time, but with Gods help, and the loving hand of your daddy, we got through it.
     My son, there were many hard days of trying to figure out how to be a mommy, trying to keep a house clean, and trying to make dinner, all while trying to keep you happy. But, you know what? Those hard days taught me something. Your daddy was very good and continues to be good at reminding me that it's only a day. It was only that day that maybe didn't go so well. We have other days, and maybe tomorrow will be different. My son, even on a rough day, you made my day turn around when you were all giggly and smiling when daddy came home. The look on your face when he'd toss you in the air, and catch you, as you were giggling.
     My son, I can't wait to hear your first words, and to be able to hear your made up stories one day. I can't wait until you watch your daddy, as he's shaving one day, and want to do that too, just to be like your daddy. I can't wait until you can run into the arms of your daddy when he comes home.
     But for now, my son, I'm enjoying seeing all the little things you're learning at only a year old. I'm enjoying the excitement you get throughout the day, with various little things. I'm enjoying watching you as you love walking with your walker... the smile you get when you look like you've just found the biggest treasure in the world. You'll be walking soon enough, and holding your daddy and I's hand on walks in the evening. You're going to be a great older brother to your little baby brother, Ezra. I can already see it in your eyes, as you smile when I'm holding another baby. You're so curious, and full of smiles when you see there's someone smaller than you in my arms.
     So, on this day that you turn 1, happy birthday!... and remember that your daddy and I love you very much!!!