Our Love Story

     It was July of 2014. I was starting to become discontent as I wondered if I’d ever get married. There were no possible prospects in sight. I began to realize that I can’t revolve my life around a husband that doesn’t exist. I couldn’t think about all the “maybes” in life.

     I started to study to become a Labor Doula. I had been reflecting on my life and knew that I had to look at all of life’s little blessings instead of focusing on the fact, that I had turned 22 on July 27th and was still not married. I wrote a post on my blog about it. As I began attending classes and reading books about being a Doula, I finally began to feel content in the life that God had placed me in. 
     My family and I were planning on going to Family Camp the first week of August, but because of a series of events that had happened, and unexpected surgeries with my little brothers finger, we didn’t think we could afford it. Unbeknownst to us, a collection had been taken up, and most of our way was being paid for. Within a couple days of Family Camp, we decided to go.

 At Family Camp, the guest speaker was none other than Mark Robinette (whom I met while in Russia at a Conference back in February-March of 2014). He and my dad were talking at a table and motioned for me to come over. They began to tell me that they were trying to set me up with this guy, Joshua Narwold, whom Mark Robinette knew. Mark had nothing but praise about Josh. I seriously wasn’t thinking anything would happen, especially considering that he lived in another state, and a state that we weren’t going to be traveling to anytime soon… that’s where I was wrong. 😉

 Later the next week, my dad got a call from Joshua Narwold. My parents called me up to the room later that night and told me why he was calling. I was super excited, and I couldn’t believe that Josh was interested in getting to know me. He read some of my blog, and thought that I was too good for him. My dad sent him a picture of our family and vice versa. A couple of my friends, met Josh’s brother between the last couple years, so I found out a little of what their family was like. I was so excited, but tried to keep my excitement down, not knowing what was going to happen.
     My dad called me a couple days later from his work and said, “Hey, how’d you like to meet Prince Charming next week?” I was super nervous and excited!
     Josh came out to Colorado from Ohio a couple weeks after that. My parents and I picked him up from the airport, late on a Friday night. I didn't talk to guys well, so it was to my surprise, Josh and I talked, and talked, and talked. Our family went with him on a hike the next day, and my Uncle happened to be in the area and stopped by. Josh and I took a short walk after Church on Sunday, and as he left on Sunday night, he said, “I hope we can talk again soon.” My dad took him to the airport the next day, and found out what Josh was thinking about the whole week. My biggest concern was that he’d think our family was really crazy… after all, I have 5 siblings, and my youngest brother can be quite the character at times. Josh told my dad that he was very interested in me! We began to text through FaceBook shortly after that. We also began to talk for hours on the phone (sometimes 4 hours) almost every day, and we’d FaceTime almost every day. The Joke in my family became, “Did you beat your record of phone time today?”

      My mom and I went out to Ohio a month after that, on a Friday, and met Josh, his brother, and his sister-in-law, whom he lived with. We met Josh’s church community, and friends as well. Josh and I went on a walk around the church that Sunday, and he told me that he had my dad’s permission, and would like my permission to officially court me, for the purpose of marriage. My heart skipped a beat, and I gave Josh my blessing. We left Ohio the day after that. My mom put it best, “Caitlin's heart stayed in Ohio, and Josh had stolen her heart away.”
     Josh came out to Colorado again in November, and at this point we’d grown so fond of each other, that we’d literally almost never run out of something to say. Josh had gotten sick while in Colorado, and wasn’t feeling well. I felt awful for him, because nothings worse then being sick, and not being near your own bed.  We laughed about it later, that I did “the sickness and in health” part. Josh left a couple days later, and I had a tear in my eye, as I watched him go through security at the airport.
     Josh and I would continue to chat every day through text, while he was at work, and we’d grown so close together. My parents and siblings were very supportive during this whole time. My parents would ask me if they were doing okay, or if I wanted them to back off a little, or come in closer. I told them they were perfect! Honestly, it was the best courtship I could’ve ever asked for!
      My parents and I flew down to Wisconsin to meet the rest of Josh’s family. It was December 12th, and Josh and I planned to go to the Indoor Botanical Garden. We passed through many sceneries, and at the “Tropical Scene”, we sat down on a bench, and Josh began to tell me his feelings for me. He then knelt down on one knee, and proposed. I said yes!  Josh had strategically hired a photographer to follow us and take pictures of his proposal. We then took the next hour, and posed for the camera.  We drove down to a coffee shop, talked about wedding things, his proposal, and our love for one another. Josh had one more surprise up his sleeve… a very nice restaurant that he had told his family members and my parents to be at, and that we’d celebrate over dinner. Needless to say, Josh and I were so excited, and our hearts were still pounding, that we hardly ate anything for dinner that night. My dad had to help me with my food.
     Josh and I planned for our wedding to be on February 28th, 2015. I went out to Ohio again in January, and February 14th… Valentine’s Day weekend. :) The wedding plans were coming along quite well, and thanks to the help from my mom, and some amazing friends, we got everything done in time!

      My courtship with Josh was amazing! I wouldn’t do anything different… except change the fact that we were states away.  Our time together is/was wonderful, and I couldn’t have asked for a better man to share the rest of my life with!
The Bible verse that was most helpful to me in the time I was single, was Psalm 27:14, “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!”
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  1. wow!!! amazing story. I am filled with so much hope. May God continue to bless your union Caitlin.


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