Friday, December 21, 2012


As Christmas rapidly approaches, I'm reminded once again of Jesus' birth.
Yesterday, I had the privilege to take my sister to a couple Nursing Home's to sing with a group of kids from church. While there, my mom said that one lady started crying because she wanted to give us money for singing.
Apparently, they don't get visited very often.

My dad made a point the other night... he said, "why is it that we visit all the nursing homes at Christmas, but for the rest of the year, no one visit's them
 and sings to the them. Everyone ignored them."

Whether we realize it or not, it's true...isn't it? We seem to always visit the elderly during Christmas, but we ignore them the rest of the year.

This time of year, many of us think about gifts, and getting. "me, me, me." Sometimes we forget about others. We don't think about what Christmas is really about. We don't think about the poor and the needy. For me, I don't always thank God that I have a family. I was reminded of that today, once again. Let me explain...

Today, my little brother, Elijah gave me quite a scare. He told me he was hungry, so I told him that he can have a carrot or a piece of celery. He told me that he would go get a piece of celery. So, as he went into the kitchen, he said, "ow!". The next moment, he came running into my room holding his breath and crying. After finally breathing again, he fainted. (which he has been known to do before) Once I finally got him to calm down, he said that his head hit the corner of the counter. I cuddled him for about 3 minutes before I realized that he was sleeping! I set him on the couch and quickly called my dad. Because my dad is an X-ray tech, he knows all about the body. I told my dad that Elijah might have a slight concussion. My dad asked me to explain his symptoms  and he said to wake Elijah up in 10 minutes and see how he's doing. Thankfully after me waking him up, I asked him a few questions, and he seemed to be fine. Apparently, he might have had a slight concussion, but not enough for worry about.

I started thinking about all the "what if's", and I realized how blessed we were that nothing "serious" had happened to him. So, as you continue on wrapping presents, and getting ready for Christmas, I encourage you to think about others. Not just the elderly, the poor, and the needy, but everyone. And may your Christmas be full of joy as
we celebrate the birth of our Savior! What are ya'll doing for Christmas? Drop me a comment! I'd love to know!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

God's Protection

Last Saturday, I was helping out at a friends wedding...which mean's, staying after the wedding to clean up. My dad sent me a text about 9:30 p.m. telling my brother and I to leave now because the weather was getting bad. It was pretty slick on the roads where we lived. 

So, my younger brother, Ethan, said that he'd drive us home. I'm so glad he did!!! The roads were fine, until we got to Castle Rock... they were so slick that the traffic was completely stopped! (sadly to say, I'm not exaggerating) So, Ethan and I contemplated on whether we should get off of the freeway and use the side roads  or to just be patient. The traffic wasn't moving, so we went ahead and got off the freeway. We hit a red light, but once it turned green...we tried to go, but all our big Suburban would do was slide. Some weird person behind us, saw that we were sliding, but kept coming around us like he didn't even see us. God was protecting us as the man passed us within inches of hitting us. Finally after we got out of the slippery part of the off ramp, we took the side roads, trying NOT to stop. So, instead of a 7 minute drive from the off ramp to our house, it was a 25 minute drive. However...I was so thankful that my brother was driving and not me!

I couldn't help but thanking God before going to bed that night! God was holding us from sliding down the hill! To think what would have happened if our suburban kept on rolling. Yikes! It made me realize that God protects us in just the little ways.

I started thinking about the Bible, and how God protected many people! To name a few...
God protected Moses when he was placed among the reeds by the river bank. (Exodus 2)
God protected Noah and his family when the flood happened. (Genesis 6)
God protected Mordecai from Haman in the book of Esther.

These are just a few of the hundreds of people that God protected. It made me realize that God is always looking out for us, whether we realize it or not. Sometimes we don't realize even the little things that he protects us from. So, thank you God for protecting me!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This last week my mom and I were pondering over the month of December. We've got so many things going on throughout this month. So much in fact, that it tends to be overwhelming, and stressful for our family.

I started thinking... Wow! Even through the stressful times, God is with us! He never leaves us! I was trying to find a poem or a song about stressful times, but as I was driving to the store the other day, I heard a song come on called, "Here" by Kate White.
 I thought it was perfect! So, I thought I'd share it with you!!! :)

Here: by Kate White
Here, in this place, with emotions I will praise you. And here, in this place, you embrace me as I am! Here, without fear, I can climb into your lap, and cry. And here,
bathed in tears, the unknown is put to rest. My life is overwhelming me, it's hard to see the things you see. Your spirit comes, to comfort me, I will praise you, I will praise you,
I will praise you here.

If ya'll would like to hear the song, I have it on the right of my sidebar.

I encourage you, that as the month of December flies by, that you will take the time to breath; but not just breath...ponder. Ponder over the last year(s). Look at how faithful God was to you. Look how through everything, God never left your side. He was right there! Those days that you wanted to cry because so much was happening. He was the one that caught your tear. Ponder about how marvelous He is! Ponder about all the things that he's blessed you with. He's still with you, and as the month of December goes flies by, remember that He's right "Here" with us, even
through the stressful and overwhelming times!