Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Support the Duggar's

     Many have probably heard all about what Josh Duggar has done. I will probably upset many people, and many people might disagree with me on this, but these are my personal convictions. I only watched a couple episodes of the Duggar's "19 kids and counting" TV show. Before I re-post an article, I would like to state that, yes... Josh Duggar was wrong! He sinned greatly! And, yes, I agree that sometimes us Christians can be a little too relax on sin issues. However, this sin that Josh Duggar did was so long ago. It was in the past. He's since repented and turned from his wicked ways. We're making a huge deal out of what Josh Duggar did, which is still wrong. However, if we could read each others mind, and know every little sin that everyone's done as an individual, we'd be judging each other right and left.
     Molestation is wrong. I'm not stating that Josh Duggar is perfect. He was very wrong in what he did. He repented. Love doesn't keep record of wrongs. (1st Corinthians 13:4-5) Because Josh repented and turned from his wicked ways, God says, "If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then i will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." ~2nd Chronicles 7:14 The Bible also says in Psalm 103:12, "As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us." What Josh Duggar did was inexcusable. He's guilty under the same law that we're all guilty of. God will judge him when the time comes, but for now, let's put the past behind us, and learn to forgive. Josh Duggar has repented of his sins, and as far as we know, turned from his wicked ways.
     I've copied and pasted a couple links below of some links that might be useful, and helpful. I stand with the Duggar's. I will pray that God will work in their lives in the midst of this. Please keep this family in your prayers.






Saturday, May 23, 2015

Remembering Memorial Day

     This coming weekend our cities will be decorated in bunting and the American flag will be flying along downtown streets all across America. There will be memorial ceremonies held at National Cemeteries, and small local cemeteries, where veterans are buried beneath broad, manicured grounds marked with long, regimented rows of white marker stones.
Some people will gather in those places of rest around the country to remember their own family members who died in service. Others will come to honor all who have served the nation in times of war and times of peace. The flag will be raised solemnly as the National Anthem is played or sung. The plangent, melancholy notes of “Taps” will waft over the silent grounds.   The old veterans in attendance will be recognized by their baseball hats emblazoned with military branch insignias, or with the names of the wars they were in. They will stand at awkward attention and salute at the raising of the flag, or during the playing of “Taps.” Their eyes and cheeks may be moist with tears, because they will be remembering fallen brothers and sisters in ways most can not imagine.
Why, then, should we all remember?
     It is not wars that we are remembering with this national holiday. Rather, we are remembering those who served and those who gave their last full measure of devotion in order to insure that the freedoms that this country offers to all would be able to be passed on to the next generations. We remember them because they tell us something of our human dignity. They remind us of the cost of freedom and of the quality of our character as a nation. We do not gather on this holiday to glorify wars. Rather, we are challenged to remember that when war comes unbidden to us, there are those who are willing to give their all to defend this nation. Deep down we want to remember in the hope that we will find ways to prevent wars and never again have to fight them again. There is, among veterans, no more hoped for desire than the desire that their own sons and daughters will never have to suffer the terrors of war, or the effects of war.
     All veterans hope and pray that their war will be the last war.  Memorial Day remembrances go back to the Civil War. They were originally called “Decoration Day” and were created out of a desire to honor those who had fallen. It was officially proclaimed on the 5th of May, 1868 by General John Logan, the then commander of the Army of the Republic, in his General Order No. 11. It read: “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land.”  That particular date, May 30, was chosen because it wasn’t the anniversary of any particular battle.  
John 15:13, "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends."

Read more at http://blog.theveteranssite.com/memorial-day2015-tribute/#rDp5P9rD6JxdCRqF.99

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Walk with the Lord

     I've been asked to talk about how my walk with the Lord is, and how I spend time with Christ everyday. Let me start by saying, unfortunately, I don't study the word of God as often as I should. I let other things get in the way at times.
     Before my husband goes to work every morning, we try to pray. We Pray for the day, and that God would give us the strength and energy we need. Sometimes there's specific requests for ourselves that we pray about, and other times it's just a general prayer.
     After he leaves for work, I usually clean up around the house, do dishes, respond to emails, do a little exercising, and some other work. I try to make it a point in the day that I sit down for a little bit, and write in my prayer journal. I write a note to God basically praying for my needs/want/hurts.... or others things. Lately, I've been praying for a lot of wisdom on how I can encourage my husband and let him know how great he is on a daily basis! :)
     I'll admit, at times, my days are so busy, I can easily forget to do my Bible Study every day. I have to constantly remind myself to put God as my priority. My husband and I try to do Family Devotions every night. At the moment, we're going through the Psalms and Genesis.
     The main thing to remember is, God wants you, He wants your attention. God is a jealous God. (Exodus 34:14) God created us to Glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. In America, we're given the freedom to own a Bible. Many people have one, but few people actually read it. Charles Spurgeon once said: "A Bible that's falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't." When life gets hard, what do we do the most? What do we turn to?
     A couple weeks ago, someone very close to me was going through a rough spot in life. This person felt very messed up, and like a failure. I can't tell you how many times I cried out to God to help this person. It's in those moments that I think God uses the most. It's in those moments when we're most desperate, and God shows us His strength in our weakness. It's in those moments that I keep reminding myself that God is still good, He's still on His throne, He's still faithful, and He's still Sovereign over all. God listens to all our prayers. He sees each tear that falls, and he's not ignoring our prayers. He's teaching us to rely on Him, even in the trials and tribulation that come our way. God has a way of refining us that we can't see when we're in the midst of something.
     I have to remind myself that when I'm in the midst of daily life, to continue my walk with the Lord, and know that God is on His throne. My walk with the Lord is coming at a slow pace at times. We run a race on a daily basis. Distractions come our way. I'll admit, even in those times, I'm not always great about going to the Lord in prayer. I need to remember to keep God as my #1 priority. "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." ~Matthew 6:33~
     In what ways do you find helps your walk with the Lord? What might distract you? 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life now that I'm married

      I've been asked by many of my friends, "what's life like now that you're married? Have you adjusted well from being away from your family and friends? What do your days look like?"
     Quite honestly, my life is fantastic! Marriage is a beautiful thing, and I'm learning how to love my husband more and more every day. I'm still a sinner, and I'm still an imperfect person. I loved the quote I saw the other day that said, "Relationships- it's more than just the dates, holding hands and kissing. It's about accepting each other's weirdness and flaws. It's about being yourself and finding happiness together. It's about seeing an imperfect person perfectly."  I can't tell you how many nights that my husband and I have cried... together; laughed... together; fought side by side...together, and how many nights we wonder how the other person see's us with such beauty.
     Life now that I'm married? I still do the things that I did when I wasn't married... only... for my husband instead. I cook meals, make sure the house is clean, read, bake, have fun playing the piano and making songs up, catching up with friends through calls/texts/social media. I make sure to have dinner ready and the table set when my husband gets home, I do laundry, try to figure out how else I can decorate our home, do Bible Study's, keep myself busy, babysit, I do grocery shopping, head to the library. I enjoy walks, and being outside. I make sure to make time to talk with my family through FaceTime. :) My life is... busy! ;) It doesn't slow down just because you're married... after all, I'm not just a daughter and sister... I'm now a wife to an awesome and amazing husband! ;)
     Adjusting to married life? It's been really great actually! It's been a smooth transition. It helped when my mom and I came out here back in October, and than I came out here another 2 times before Josh and I got married. It helped to get to know the Church family down here. They've welcomed me in with warm, welcoming arms, and I love them! I miss my family, but because we FaceTime every week, and talk on the phone more than once a week, it helps. :)  Serving others in the Church has been such a blessing to me, and I've been keeping busy with babysitting, and now teaching piano lessons! ... Taught my first lesson here in Ohio last week... it was refreshing to start teaching again. :)
     When Josh and I were going through pre-marital counseling, our pastor encouraged us to stay involved in the church. To serve others, and to make sure that we put others before ourselves. To keep Christ in the center of our Marriage, and to make sure that we set aside time for each other in the business of our lives.
    I'm reminded every day of Gods many blessings. It hasn't been all sunshine days. There have been rough days as well, when Josh and I have had to walk through some things, but in the end, we've grown even more closer in our marriage. The tears come at times, and Josh has been the best husband that I could've ever asked for, and I'm truly blessed!
    So, married life? ... it's fantastic! Being married to your best friend, and being able to see them every day, is a blast! I'm very grateful!
     "Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established... A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." ~Proverbs 16:3, 9~

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is tomorrow. A day when children of all ages, young and old, wish there mother a happy Mother's Day. A day when love and appreciation for all our mothers are written on a piece of paper, or on a phone call. Those words that mother's treasure every day. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful, godly example of what a mother and wife looks like.
     Mom, thank you so much for all your love and effort that you've put into me in my life. Because of you, I know how to manage a house. Because of you, I'm understanding how to be a wife. Thank you for being the Proverbs 31, and Titus 2 woman!!!

"Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.
 The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
So he will have no lack of gain.
 She does him good and not evil
All the days of her life.

She seeks wool and flax,

And willingly works with her hands.
 She is like the merchant ships,
She brings her food from afar.
 She also rises while it is yet night,
And provides food for her household,
And a portion for her maidservants.
 She considers a field and buys it;
From her profits she plants a vineyard.
 She girds herself with strength,
And strengthens her arms.
 She perceives that her merchandise is good,
And her lamp does not go out by night.
 She stretches out her hands to the distaff,
And her hand holds the spindle.
 She extends her hand to the poor,
Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.
 She is not afraid of snow for her household,
For all her household is clothed with scarlet.
 She makes tapestry for herself;
Her clothing is fine linen and purple.
 Her husband is known in the gates,
When he sits among the elders of the land.
 She makes linen garments and sells them,
And supplies sashes for the merchants.
 Strength and honor are her clothing;
She shall rejoice in time to come.
 She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.
 She watches over the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.
 Her children rise up and call her blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her:

“Many daughters have done well,

But you excel them all.”
 Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing,
But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.
 Give her of the fruit of her hands,
And let her own works praise her in the gates." ~Proverbs 31:10-31

Monday, May 4, 2015

Question for my Readers

     Hello to all my readers/subscribers. Before I continue with my next post, I wanted to get ya'll 's thoughts on what you'd possibly like to hear from me on future blog posts. Do you like what I write? Is there a specific topic that you're hoping I could talk about or discuss? If so, please leave a comment below so that I can review it. Thanks much! I'm very blessed by all you readers, and my blog wouldn't be possible without people like you supporting me!
Caitlin Narwold