Saturday, September 29, 2012

Contentment's a strong word, yet very simple.

This last Thursday, my mom took my brother to "Credo"...on this day, I stayed home with my younger 2 siblings, was quiet! More than that, I got to rest.
Recently, I have been teaching piano so often, babysitting so much, cooking more, and taking over cleaning the house more, that I felt so...content! It used to be that I'd maybe have a few piano students here and there show up, and occasionally I'd have a few babysitting jobs; but I had so much time before, that I would often let my mind wander away from other things, or be almost bored, that I would just kind of wander around the house. I enjoy being busy!!! A few months ago,  my dad approached me, telling me that I needed to get more students. So, I prayed to God, and I told him that I did all that I could...He was going to have to do the rest. Now, one by one, little by little, I have gotten 5 more students over the past month!!! God answered my prayer! So now, I'm so busy that if I do get a day when people are sick, or the lesson is canceled...I'm almost thankful! Thankful that I have time to relax, but not get bored. Thankful that God gave me the gift and ability to teach piano as well as play piano.

So, what does Paul say about Contentment? I'm sure we all know the verse,
but hey, you never know!
"Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content..."
~ Philippians 4:11~

"But Godliness with contentment, is great gain."
~1st Timothy 6:6~

So the next time that you feel dis-content...remember, that that's the time when the devil likes to harm you the most. I always love what my great Aunt Pear, whom is 103 yrs. said, "Idle hands, are the devils playground." Hang on to those words! Know that it's in those desperate times, that Satan can play with your mind. Be content! Serve your family and friends around you; and know that God is your contentment! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dealing with pain

On Monday afternoon, (yesterday) I was on my way home from picking my siblings up from piano lessons. We were all talking pretty much at once, and all of the sudden, everyone stopped talking! For there, right in front of the street that we turn on before our street, were 2 fire trucks, 1 ambulance, and about 3 police cars...I quickly turned around, to go the other way to our house...since the police officers and fire trucks were blocking the street that I was on.

We were all curious, because this particular neighbor, was known for having a dog, that didn't get along with our dog, and this neighbor was also know for...being an alcoholic (on rare occasions from what we know) naturally, we assumed some bad things about him because of his background. It wasn't until later that we found out what had really happened...
His wife died! 
She had apparently come home, said that she was tired, and didn't wake back up.

I felt ashamed! Thinking such awful things about this man! I should have known better! Why do us Christians, have a tendency to think the worst about some people?!...admit it...we've all
done it before! I prayed to God to forgive me, but not only to forgive me, but to give
our neighbor, comfort in this time!!!
He didn't even get to say goodbye to his wife!
I couldn't stop thinking about it last night...I am so blessed to have my family!
I pray that God will be merciful to this man, and that he will find beauty in the valley!


Paul Marino / Sarah Schieber

I've been through empty days
Walked in loves darkest place
Been all alone in a life meant for two

I've lost my will to fight. I 'd
Wrestled through sleepless nights
Awoken to hurts so broken and bruised

Yet through all of the tears the questions and fears
I stand here able to say

I found beauty in the valley
Hope in the rain
Peace in the unknown
Strength in the pain
With His hand holding me
I found beauty in the valley

If you’re barely hanging on
And wonder where God has gone
And you feel betrayed by life and your faith

It may take some time and seem like for ever
But someday you'll look back and say

I found beauty in the valley
Hope in the rain
Peace in the unknown
Strength in the pain
With His hand holding me
I found beauty in the valley

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Serving in Disguise

Yesterday, I had the privilege to go to our friends the, "Davidson's" house, and help them out
with the kids, laundry, dinner, and packing for their trip to Russia. 
     While I was helping the kids clean out the closet, Mrs. Davidson asked me to feed baby "Owen", so that she could get some stuff done. With joy, I took him out of the swing, and fed him his bottle. After feeding him, I went into the girls room to help them clean out the closet, and I lay Owen down on my lap facing sideways...he was so content! As usual, I stared at Owen thinking, "Wow! How can people not like children?" They are so precious...aren't they?!
     As I was sitting there with Owen on my lap, I helped the girls fold their tights, and other miscellaneous things. After that, I rocked Owen to sleep, and vacuumed around the house. When I got home, I was greeted by my little brother, Elijah, who comes out ever time one of us comes home. There's always a welcoming smile on his face, and a big, warm bear hug awaiting us from our little Elijah. Isn't it nice to come to a place that you can call home?

After a long, hard day from working at the Davidson's, (which I appreciated) I kept thinking, "all that I'm doing at home, at the Davidson's, and any where else, is teaching me...teaching me to be patient, teaching me to be slow in anger, and slow to speak, teaching me to 'serve', and teaching me
 to love God even more."

Last week, I was having a hard time doing some stuff around the house, and I've been asking God to help me serve without thinking about it. Whether it's doing my siblings dishes on their dish day, doing  their chore for that week, or merely putting their shoes away that are in the middle of the floor. They might not notice me doing anything...but God does! He sees everything that we do...whether it's with a servants heart or not. So let's serve, knowing that our reward is in heaven! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guest Galore!

This last week, we had some unexpected yet expected guest stay at our house. They brought their 3 children for my mom to watch one of the days. Our friends the "Crawfurds" used to go to our church, but when they moved to Estes Park it was to long of a drive for them, so they come for a day or two and stay at our house every once in a wile...whether it's to get hay for their goats, or do
some other various errands down here.
While they were gone though, it was my job to keep on eye on their kids, plus ours. Samaiah is 8 yrs. Elijah is 7, and Malachi is 3...they were all adopted.
When you put their kids, and our "Elijah" doesn't always work. It seemed like if we had turned our eye from them for just 2 minutes, someone was pushing someone, or so-and-so was wrestling this person or that was like this pretty much the entire time they were here. So, everything was always getting messy, no matter how many times you cleaned it!
So...for me, I learned a LOT of Patience!
I then started thinking, "What if God came to our house?" Would we care what our house looked like, or what we ourselves were wearing?...I think so. We would want to wear our very best. But some of us have to realize, that although we put on an act and say, "I'm fine", God can see right through us. So, if we were told that Christ was going to be coming to our house in 1 hour...what would you do? You'd probably run around the house trying to make everything clean and "perfect" for when Christ comes. However, when Christ comes walking through that door, are you going to be a Mary, or a Martha? Are you going to sit down and listen to Jesus talk, or are you going to run around the house and see what else needs to be done? That's how it is, isn't it? Sometimes, we have unexpected guest come to our house, and the house may
look a mess, Bathrooms dirty, bed's not made...etc...
I heard in a book once, that we call a mess in our kitchen, is more than a poor man will ever know. What we call a messy house, a poor man will call a castle; and what we might call a messy, dirty, yucky bathroom, a poor man will call it home.
So...I'm not saying that you shouldn't clean...especially knowing that you have guest coming. I'm saying that when we have guest your home knowing
that they're going to be grateful any how. : )

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day to Remember

Today, September 11th 2012, marks the 11th anniversary of the day that no one would forget. The day that "the twin towers" in New York City, fell. I'm not normally a country singer type of person, but my dad showed me this video a few years ago, and I thought I'd share it with ya'll in remembrance of those that died on this day 11 years ago. This song is called, "Where were you when the world stopped turning", by Alan Jackson. Please watch!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

God's not finished with you!

The other day, I had a "me" time...and I went around town looking at different stores for some sandals to wear for church. As I walked out of Kohl's, finding nothing to purchase, I saw an older woman...she looked to be in her mid 60's...any way, I saw her wobble out of her car, and walk towards the doors. I held the door open for her to pass, seeing that she needed help. As she passed me she said, "Thank you very much!
That doesn't happen very often!"
It made me smile! : ) I told her, "My pleasure!!!"
Isn't that how today's world is? We don't respect our elders any more. We don't honor the war heroes as much as we should, we don't respect that
the "older" people need help. I went to a "ladies iced coffee" event that our church put on yesterday. Becky Morecraft spoke, and she told us that she found out her friend had died a few days ago. She told us that her friend had survived cancer 3 times, by the age of 21. As you hear everyone saying, "wow!" She then goes to tell that this friend of hers, in order to save her life from cancer...they had to amputate her arms and legs. However, she didn't look at is as, "I can't do anything", but she looked at it more as, "I am still on this earth, so God must not be done with me yet." Her husband loved her for who she was, not what she looked like. So, yes, she did die, but her friends and family look at is as, "God finished his
plan with her. She did what God called her to do."

So...I know I bounced from one story to another, but I have 2 points.
First...respect and honor those older than yourself.
Secondly...know that if your're here on this earth...God's is NOT finished
with you yet!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Finally Back!

Hello all!
Wow! I have had quite a week!
I have been babysitting a family in our church who just had their 9th child, so I went over and spent the night there from Tuesday-Friday.
I got to learn so much about how they run the house, do school, chores...etc... (don't worry...I got lots of rest time too ; ) )

On top of that it's our church potluck tomorrow after that's a batch of brownies, and meatballs. And then after church, I have to come home and make 70+ Banana Bread/Muffins for a conference that our pastor's putting on at his house, and then on Monday morning bright and early I go to help with the meals for the conference...after that, because it's labor Day...our church is having a big get together, guessed it!...more desert to make ; )

These are the days that I actually like! I don't mind being so busy and occupied that you can't think of anything else to do...if that makes sense.

After this week, do I get to take a rest...probably not! Life keeps happening! You know the saying, "I've got things to do, places to go, and people to see"? Well, that's how I am right least that's what I feel like.

So...earlier this evening, I sat in my bed and I prayed to God. I thanked him for the busyness of my day, but I also prayed that God will help me to put him first above everything else in this world...yes, even in the chaotic times!!!
...Have you ever felt this way? Felt like your whole life was so busy that you didn't even have time to pray for 5 minutes, or do your Bible Study that day? I have!!! Especially recently; I want to do other things, and then it puts the "things" in front of God! So, maybe in the chaotic times...pray to God, ask him to give you the time. Let him know how you feel...he listens and cares!

In our family, all of us notice that if we don't do family worship consistently...all of us are more grumpy, irritable, and stressed! So, when you feel this way, I would suggest that you pray...wherever you are, and whomever your with. Pray to God in this world of Chaos...He's listening and is right there with you! : )