Thursday, September 6, 2012

God's not finished with you!

The other day, I had a "me" time...and I went around town looking at different stores for some sandals to wear for church. As I walked out of Kohl's, finding nothing to purchase, I saw an older woman...she looked to be in her mid 60's...any way, I saw her wobble out of her car, and walk towards the doors. I held the door open for her to pass, seeing that she needed help. As she passed me she said, "Thank you very much!
That doesn't happen very often!"
It made me smile! : ) I told her, "My pleasure!!!"
Isn't that how today's world is? We don't respect our elders any more. We don't honor the war heroes as much as we should, we don't respect that
the "older" people need help. I went to a "ladies iced coffee" event that our church put on yesterday. Becky Morecraft spoke, and she told us that she found out her friend had died a few days ago. She told us that her friend had survived cancer 3 times, by the age of 21. As you hear everyone saying, "wow!" She then goes to tell that this friend of hers, in order to save her life from cancer...they had to amputate her arms and legs. However, she didn't look at is as, "I can't do anything", but she looked at it more as, "I am still on this earth, so God must not be done with me yet." Her husband loved her for who she was, not what she looked like. So, yes, she did die, but her friends and family look at is as, "God finished his
plan with her. She did what God called her to do."

So...I know I bounced from one story to another, but I have 2 points.
First...respect and honor those older than yourself.
Secondly...know that if your're here on this earth...God's is NOT finished
with you yet!!!

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