Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guest Galore!

This last week, we had some unexpected yet expected guest stay at our house. They brought their 3 children for my mom to watch one of the days. Our friends the "Crawfurds" used to go to our church, but when they moved to Estes Park it was to long of a drive for them, so they come for a day or two and stay at our house every once in a wile...whether it's to get hay for their goats, or do
some other various errands down here.
While they were gone though, it was my job to keep on eye on their kids, plus ours. Samaiah is 8 yrs. Elijah is 7, and Malachi is 3...they were all adopted.
When you put their kids, and our "Elijah" doesn't always work. It seemed like if we had turned our eye from them for just 2 minutes, someone was pushing someone, or so-and-so was wrestling this person or that was like this pretty much the entire time they were here. So, everything was always getting messy, no matter how many times you cleaned it!
So...for me, I learned a LOT of Patience!
I then started thinking, "What if God came to our house?" Would we care what our house looked like, or what we ourselves were wearing?...I think so. We would want to wear our very best. But some of us have to realize, that although we put on an act and say, "I'm fine", God can see right through us. So, if we were told that Christ was going to be coming to our house in 1 hour...what would you do? You'd probably run around the house trying to make everything clean and "perfect" for when Christ comes. However, when Christ comes walking through that door, are you going to be a Mary, or a Martha? Are you going to sit down and listen to Jesus talk, or are you going to run around the house and see what else needs to be done? That's how it is, isn't it? Sometimes, we have unexpected guest come to our house, and the house may
look a mess, Bathrooms dirty, bed's not made...etc...
I heard in a book once, that we call a mess in our kitchen, is more than a poor man will ever know. What we call a messy house, a poor man will call a castle; and what we might call a messy, dirty, yucky bathroom, a poor man will call it home.
So...I'm not saying that you shouldn't clean...especially knowing that you have guest coming. I'm saying that when we have guest your home knowing
that they're going to be grateful any how. : )

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  1. Great post! Caitlin.
    Loved having you over the other night :)


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