Wednesday, September 21, 2016

It's Been A While...

     It's been a while since I posted anything on blogs. Truth is, it's been a good break. I needed it. Figuring out how to be a mom, and to still keep up with everything else has had its challenging moments. So, what's the update? Our little baby boy is 3 1/2 months old now! James has been smiling since he was 6 weeks old! He loves to be outside, just sitting on our porch sitting with me on our swing. He can roll over from his back to his side now, and he loves to chew on things... whether that be fingers, blankets, arms. ;) James LOVES being held! He also gets upset when you leave him in a room by himself for too long.
     Being a mom is amazing, and rewarding, and also challenging at times. At this moment, I'm typing with one hand, and holding my little boy on my lap with the other. ;) I've been slowly writing a post on my blog. I usually get as far as writing a paragraph when something comes up, and my duty as a mom needs attention. So, this posts I've been writing for a couple weeks, little by little, and updating as needed.
     James started to laugh for the first time this last week. And oh, it filled my heart! My husband and I were reminiscing last week about how far we've come. How we met, courted, got engaged, married, and now have a baby! A baby who used to sleep and cry all the time, and now he smiles, he's found his thumb, is laughing, and loves brightly colored things. James loves to be outside, so whenever he's fussy and he just woke up, I just take him out there for a bit.
     So, that's the update that I have. Life with our little guy is full. Being a momma full time is challenging, and wonderful at the same time. I've been learning all sorts of new things about our little boy.  During the challenging moments, my husband is so patient with me, and is always encouraging me and reminding me of Gods blessings that He's given to us, and how every day is a gift that we need to thank Him for.

He's going to be a thumb sucker. ;)

He loves to stick out his tongue now!

Those Cheeks!!!
Not sure what this face was for... I think he was blowing bubbles...
He loves tummy time now! :)

What have ya'll been up to this summer? I'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment below...