Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This last week my mom and I were pondering over the month of December. We've got so many things going on throughout this month. So much in fact, that it tends to be overwhelming, and stressful for our family.

I started thinking... Wow! Even through the stressful times, God is with us! He never leaves us! I was trying to find a poem or a song about stressful times, but as I was driving to the store the other day, I heard a song come on called, "Here" by Kate White.
 I thought it was perfect! So, I thought I'd share it with you!!! :)

Here: by Kate White
Here, in this place, with emotions I will praise you. And here, in this place, you embrace me as I am! Here, without fear, I can climb into your lap, and cry. And here,
bathed in tears, the unknown is put to rest. My life is overwhelming me, it's hard to see the things you see. Your spirit comes, to comfort me, I will praise you, I will praise you,
I will praise you here.

If ya'll would like to hear the song, I have it on the right of my sidebar.

I encourage you, that as the month of December flies by, that you will take the time to breath; but not just breath...ponder. Ponder over the last year(s). Look at how faithful God was to you. Look how through everything, God never left your side. He was right there! Those days that you wanted to cry because so much was happening. He was the one that caught your tear. Ponder about how marvelous He is! Ponder about all the things that he's blessed you with. He's still with you, and as the month of December goes flies by, remember that He's right "Here" with us, even
through the stressful and overwhelming times! 


  1. I know that is right! Amen sister! I love how the Lord works and I am thankful there are many who have been through things that we can learn from as well as what the Bible gives us!

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