Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Broken Glass/shattered dreams

Broken Glass/shattered dreams:
I took this picture in Missouri when I was on my trip...

You must be wondering why I took this picture...well as you can see, it’s a window that is shattered and broken into pieces. If you look closely, there was some tape that used to be over the cracks…the reason I took a pictures of this is because it reminded me of my life, and so many others.

You see, as our life goes on, we will have broken hearts, people that fail us, bills that need to be paid, a debt that’s over our ears. Little by little, our heart will break apart, stressing over this or that. However, just like this window that was pieced together by duck tape, so God is to us. He covers up those little pieces that have broken or fallen apart, and fills us with contentment, joy, and peace. For what may seem ugly on the outside, is beauty on the inside and outside for God. He looks at the heart…and what’s in the heart will reflect on the outward appearance.

Over time, our pieces start to fall apart, but guess what? God is right there beside us picking up the broken pieces and putting them back together…yes, it may take time, but God will be there beside you every step of the way.

So, let’s give our broken pieces to God…and not just our broken pieces, but our broken hearts, dreams, and desires. Let’s stand back, and watch the Master fix the unfixable!

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