Saturday, June 23, 2012


Fire!!! There are, as of what I know 6 fires in Colorado...2 of which are within 45 minutes of us...scary! One in Colorado Springs area, and the other one in Fort Collins...I've been thinking...We all know that God ordained where the fire goes before it even, why now? Why here? I don't know about you, but maybe it's time for America to wake up!!! Wake up with the fact that not only is God in control, but he is Sovereign over everything!!!

Our pastor told us that the state of Colorado has more divorce rates than any other state in America...let's think about this for a the Bible when the Israelites were being taken into the wilderness, it says over and over and over again, "...They did what was right in their own eyes". Could it be that this is happening again? Could it be that God is giving a wake up call as a warning?

Today we found out that a few of our friends are being evacuated from their homes because of the fires. I remember our first fire that we had in our backyard...

We had been going to our church for about 10 months, and it was in the middle of March 2010 and we had been invited to go to a friends house after church for a meal. They lived about 1 hour away, so we drove down there after church. About a hour or so after we got there, my dad got a call from our neighbor..."You barn is on fire! The Firemen have it almost out." Quickly my dad got some more information...they had no idea what
happened...but we did! We live in a small neighborhood (yes, we can have chickens) and we had at the time 4 chickens. My mom was very cautious about them getting cold, so we had a heat lamp in their little house at all times in the winter. We think that one of the chickens flew up onto the clip on heat lamp and knocked it down, thus making the fire. The fire burned down our shed, our neighbors bushes, a few of our trees, and also some of our garden. It also managed to get a chicken burned a little. (enough to where it not only was shaken up from the experience, but was blind for a few weeks. We didn't think she would make it.) Apparently our neighbor was taking a walk, when he saw our shed was on fire. He took some quick action, called the firemen, and had many neighbors helping in the mean time getting the chickens to safety.

So...yes, we lost almost everything valuable in that shed. We decided that since the Firemen had it under control at our house, there was no use going back home, so we might as well enjoy the time with our friends. We had windows that we accidentally ordered that the insurance payed us back for, a bunk-bed, some of my mom's antiques, and quite a lot of other things. Guess what? (It was a blessing in Disguise) The insurance covered everything that was damage!!! (times 10! seemed like!) We decided to help a few friends out financially, save money towards silver, savings, and of course tithing and other things. God blessed us richly.

So, my point? We may not always see what God is doing...but the end result? (no you may not end up getting money in the end) A closer walk with God!
So, trust him, even when it's to foggy to see ahead!

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