Wednesday, April 11, 2012


What does a Home look like to you? What Reminds you of a Home?
Frequently when we have people come into our Home, they will often say, "It smells so good in here!" My mom just smiles and says, "Thank you!"
For my dad, what makes a home is... a clean house, candle lit, a glass of tea when he comes home, (filled up with half ice) and dinner ready and on the table.

Last year, I officially took over all the cooking for my mom, (to take the stress of of her) and so when my dad gets home from work, it's my job to put all the drinks on the table, and get all the dinner/side/salad on the table.

So what makes a home to you? Maybe it's the smell of a certain candle, newly fresh baked cookies in the oven, dinner on the stove, friends and family gathering around, or music in the background. Whatever it is, remember how blessed you are to have a Home!


  1. Thank You for that WONDERFUL reminder, Caitlin!!!
    We ARE so blessed to have homes, and food to eat!

  2. Hi Caitlin! It's Mercy from church! I found your blog kind of by accident, but I'm glad I did find it!

    Home... hmm...
    Dad, Mom, brother, sisters, pets, books, Mom singing Today is the Day that the Lord has made, Dad working down stairs, Josh playing guitar, Melissa writing in her notebook, my cat meowing at the door, and I could put a lot more!

    And the most important thing about home, the joy of the Lord!


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