Sunday, April 15, 2012

Change-My story

I would like to tell you my story that changed my life, but please don’t mind the sentence structure…I know it’s bad! I just wrote what I was thinking without correcting it. (that would take too much time)

This week is marks the 3rd Anniversary that my life completely changed.
Let me back up a few years. I think I was about 15, and it was December 31st. My dad was off that day, and our family was just kicking back before heading to our church that night for a game/party night. My parents looked at each other and said, “Should we tell them?” I knew that it had to have been really good news, or really bad news. The news hit me…hard! My parents told me that our friends the “Bryant’s”, and “Tjaden’s” whom were elders at the church with my dad, were moving to Missouri. They felt God leading them to start a church there, they had asked if we wanted to come, but my parents decided that God wanted us here in Colorado. I cried, and cried, and cried some more all that day. My friends, whom had been through everything with me, were leaving. So, Kaylee Bryant, Emily and Allison Tjaden left that summer. I hated my life, and who I was. I wasn’t mad at anyone, but I was upset that they left. We had been through everything together, and had the same vision and everything. Why? Why did it have to be them that left? I didn’t get it. After they left, my life forever changed from what I thought was the worst. But God had other plans for me.
On one warm spring day, my dad took us older three kids to the store, while in the car, he told us a few things, and one of them was that my dad and mom were thinking about leaving our church. I held the tears in until we got into the store, and I excused myself to go to the restroom. I cried in the bathroom stall for 10 minutes before I came out. My life was again falling apart. I asked why to my parents; basically, my parents had a different vision than what a few of my friends had, and they thought it was best to leave, for now. So, once again on April 26th, my family tried a church called,”The Reformation Church O.P.C”. My parents knew a lot of people there, and so decided to try it. That first day was…another one of the worst days of my life. I hated it…it wasn’t because of the people; it was just because my life wasn’t going the way I had planned. The week after that, we went to the church again, and as usual I hated it. The next day (May 4th 2009) my little brother, “Elijah James” came into our lives. At 9 ½ months, he was gigantic…but cute as ever. He had Blonde hair, blue eyes, and chubby cheeks. (Even now) For those that don’t know, we adopted him officially on October 8th 2010!!! The love of our life! ...Any ways, back to my life. So, the next week we went to our old church for the last time and said our goodbyes…it was a good goodbye. A few days after that we went to Missouri to visit the Bryant’s and Tjaden’s.

After we got back from our trip, we started attending Reformation Church regularly. One year in particular though, something amazing happened! One of our many friends, the Gibas family asked me if I wanted to help with serving/making food for the Volunteers at our annual “CHEC Conference”. (Christian Home Educators of Colorado) With excitement, I accepted! That week, I absolutely loved it! After that week, I got to know my friends more, and I went home and cried out on our porch. I thanked God for giving me this life. At the time when I was going through a terrible life, I didn’t see God’s plans. What Satan meant for evil, God meant for Good.

So, that is my story. No, I haven’t finished the race set before me, but I know that God is there for me through it all. You see, during the toughest part of my life, when I needed God most, I declined it. I thought I could do it my way…and look what happened. I surrendered my life to him, after we started going to the church. So I’m asking you, if you haven’t already, please surrender to him. God doesn’t want half of your heart; he wants every single part of it. I learned that the hard way. Don’t make the same mistake I did. If you would have told me years ago, what I was about to go through, no I would not have believed you. God turned my heart, and he softened it. I am grateful to God for forgiving my hardness of heart, and I am thankful that I now have 4 times the amount of friends as I used to. (Breanna, Kendra…this includes you too!)
Thanks for reading!
~ Caitlin

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