Sunday, March 11, 2012

Treasure Each Moment

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me!
The morning started out as a simple Saturday.
My mom went to a used book curriculum fair with a friend of ours, so my dad took the time to start to make me a piano bench. (because our chair broke) My dad was making it out of logs, so I helped take the bark off of the wood.

For lunch I took my sister (Joy) out to eat since she had a coupon. Afterwords, our family went to Walmart and Sprouts. Once we got home, my brothers bar-b-qued some Turkey Burgers, while the girls helped inside.

After dinner and dishes, our family watched a movie called, "A Bear named Winnie", which by the way is a true story, and is an amazing movie! Any way's, after that my dad came out of the Laundry room and said, "Would you guys mind if we went to get a little sweet treat" (we all assumed that he was talking about our mom and him going on a date to Dairy Queen which is pretty usual.) we all said, "sure", and then my dad said excitedly, "No, I mean all of us, as a family!" Everyone jumped from the couch, and raced to get their shoes on."

Once we got to Dairy Queen, every one's eyes turned to us. After all, we are a family of 8! We all took our orders and ate, laughing at all kinds of stuff. We had a wonderful time, before we headed home.

...I know that I keep saying this, but, isn't our family important? There was yet another treasured moment that I kept. As we went home that night, I couldn't help but think how blessed I am that I have a family. True, not all the time we get along, but as I've gotten older, I have seen first hand, what a blessing a family is.

so...treasure them while you can!!!

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