Thursday, March 8, 2012


What is true Friendship?
I thought about this for quite some time. What are the qualities you like about some of your friendships with your siblings/friends/family?
Maybe for you it's talking about cooking, or sewing a dress. Maybe it's the kindness and compassion that someone has for someone else.
For me, some of the qualities that I love seeing in my friendships are...loving, caring, talking, listening...etc...
I have quite a few friends who will ask me, "How are you doing?" I will then reply, "Great!" or "Good", but then their response is..."No, really, how are you doing?" "Is everything okay?"
And I love it when they do that. It shows someone that you really care, and that you want to take the time to listen to them if they have a problem.

In today's culture, I've noticed that many people talk about movies, music, love stories, and such. But what about when you go to church? Do you still talk about those things? Something to think about huh?

I've noticed that when some of my friends conversation will get into music or movies, someone else will change the subject and say, "So, what book of the Bible are you reading from right now?"... I love it when they do that.

So, what is true friendship?
That's up to you, but to's a phone call or an email from someone telling me how much they appreciate my friendship or just want to find out how I'm doing. In other cases, I love it when people don't just talk, but listen as well. That's very important to a lot of people. So the next time you are talking to your friend(s) don't just talk, but listen.
...this is true friendship...

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