Monday, March 19, 2012

Do you Trust God?

When times are tough, I have a question...Do you trust God?
My mom just recently got a surgery on her mouth, and during the entire day and week before her surgery, she was worried, and scared. She knew that God was there, but she had to keep reminding herself, "Do I Trust God" know that I will be alright? Do I trust God to know that the Doctor's/surgeons know what their doing?
Life is like that isn't it? With friendship we have to earn each other's trust, and with God, we have to trust him to know that he's there.
I found this poem online, and i thought I'd share it with you.

Do You Trust Me?
Do you trust me
When things aren’t going right
When life deals some painful blows
When finances are awfully tight?

Do you trust me
When tragedy comes your way
When you don't get all the answers
When you bend your knee to pray?

Do you trust me
When friends don't understand
When there's no one you can talk to
No one to hold your hand?

Do you trust me
When there's warring in your soul
When there's darkness all around you
And you’re left out in the cold?

Do you trust me
When evil is against you
When there's nowhere left to run
And you can't find the truth?

Do you trust me?
I need to ask you this
'Cause you don't always know
I'm there in the midst
Of all your tribulations
Everything that you go through
I am always there, my child
And I will never leave you

So I must ask of you
To see if you believe
No matter what you face in life
You must always trust in me

~© By M.S.Lowndes

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