Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sister's Forever

These last few days my dad and brothers have been hunting. They left Friday morning, and came back tonight, the 16the. During this time it was only my mom, my sister "Joy", my little brother, "Elijah", and I.
I decided to take this time, and spend it with my sister.

You see, a while back ago my mom told me that if she could do life over again, that she would be closer to her siblings, and would have done more things with them. She then told me that Joy should be my best friend, and that we should enjoy one another's company all the time. She gave me advice and said, "Before you know it, all of you guys will be grown up, and hopefully married; but enjoy the time that you have with your siblings while you have them. They'll be gone before you know it."

So, yesterday I told Joy, "Let's play a game!" So we did! We played, "Horse-opoly"...which is almost like manopoly, only with horses. We sat there for about 2 whole hours playing. I ended up winning...but that's not the point. The point is that I took the time out of my day to spend with my sister. To make her day even more amazing and enjoyable I said, "Joy, do you want to sleep downstairs on the couch tonight with me?" Of course, she was overjoyed!
So that night, we had some left over pizza, watched, "Anne of Green Gables", and slept downstairs in the company of one another.

I made Joy's day when we were together.
No, not all the time siblings will get along, but take those moments and memories, and make them last.

When I was helping get ready for my friend's wedding, we were decorating cards, and talking about our siblings and how we want to be their best friends, and try to enjoy life with them while we can; It was then that my friend, "Laura" said, "After I got married, my brother came up to me and said, "Laura, I'm so sorry that we didn't spend as much time together as we should have. I wish that I could do it all over again."

When my friend told me that, I thought, "Wow! What would happened if we all did that. What if we played with our siblings like we would a best friend.
I want that kind of about you?
It's never too late to start. My mom is now closer to her sister than ever before.

On another side note, in the movie "Courageous", one of the daughters of the police officer dies of a car crash. The son says, "I'm sorry! I wish that I had spent more time with her, and now she's gone."

Do it now, before it's too late! You'll never know what will happen tomorrow. Enjoy them while you can, don't put it off.
My sister and I are now only sisters, but best friends...for life!
I love you Joy!!!

My Sister, My Friend, and My Hero

One more year has passed on by, don’t look back Keep your head held high, for you’re missing the most valuable moments,
You see…When you are looking down toward your feet. Walk, if you run, you’ll find yourself wondering Why or When What never failed to smile down at you, Somehow, forgot to grin.We somehow took for granted then, the special times we shared-Smiles, smells of home, were thereWhenever we got scared. I ran to and from that place, Yet, never saw that smile. I look up now, no place to run, and it’s been here all the while. I realize late, the things that time can’t allow us to hold for long. The youngest, the oldest, and all in between can’t return, once time has gone-Take time, hold the moments, in time they slip away, Words one heart fought, with a smile to say. This year will pass, as the years before, Smile at the life, that you most adore. When time comes and you “forget” to grin, too…Those who remember your smile of love, will hold heads high, to smile right back at you.

~Author Unknown

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