Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween...What is the Biblical application?

Halloween ... what does God think about it?

Many people think that Halloween is just a fun night filled with laughter, candy, and tricks. Some people go around the neighborhood and say, "Trick Or Treat?" and other people go to church socials and gatherings.
A few weeks ago my dad and us older ones in the family watched a movie about Halloween, and the history behind it. After watching this movie, it made me realize how utterly wicked Halloween is. Many people don't realize that there are cults all around the world, including the United States, who will literally kill children (babies included) to give their blood to the "gods". It was very sad for me to hear, and to see.

In our family we got to an event yesterday called, "The Reformation Celebration", and we celebrated what Martin Luther, John Knox, and William Tyndale did so that we can have the Bible in our language.
I smuggled Bibles from one side of the church to another, while there were guards all around trying to catch us. If they caught us, we would have to go to jail. It was a very serious thing.
It made me so grateful that we have the privilege to have the Bible in our language!

Now...what is the Biblical application for Halloween, sorcery, and sorcerer?
I won't list all the verses about it, but please look up Deuteronomy 8:9-14
The Bible doesn’t speak directly about Halloween, but some biblical principles apply. One thing is clear -- all pagan practices are to be avoided. Witchcraft, occult practices, sorcery, etc. are strictly forbidding in the Bible (Exodus 22:18; Acts 8:9-24; Deuteronomy 8:9-14). It is obvious that a small child dressing up as a princess or a cowboy isn’t involving themselves with witchcraft, so what is a biblical stance on Halloween?

The decision is up to you. If you decide Halloween is something fun for you, make sure you are kept far away from the evil aspects of Halloween. When believers participate in anything (even Halloween), their attitudes, dress, and behavior should glorify Christ (Philippians 1:27)

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