Sunday, April 21, 2013

Normal life?... not yet!

Hi All!
Just wanted to let you know that I didn't disappear! ;)
I've been super busy these past few weeks.
I asked my mom a couple months ago if I could put together my brother's graduation, which means to find a building with a low price! ;) Get the slideshow and pictures together, order the cake, make phone calls, make invitations, send invitations, get the music together with my friend to play at his graduation, and figure out all the in between stuff. On top of that, I have to finish my Answers in Genesis online class, and have a couple more assignments to complete. Any way, my brother's graduation is this next week, so I've been super busy trying to get all the last minute stuff in order. My grandparents will be coming this week, and so my parents went on a weekend get-away for their anniversary before they come. While my parents were gone, I took my younger two siblings down to a place called, "Focus on the Family". Some of you may listen to Adventures in Odyssey. Well they have a play-place just focused on that! You can do treasure hunts, watch Veggie-Tales, go on there slides, put on a puppet show, and all kinds of other stuff.

The reason I'm telling you all this, is because, I spent a whole day with my siblings, and spent so much time with them! It's amazing how close you can get in your relationship when there's only a couple of you, and you're doing what you love!
Having a good relationship with your sibling(s) is very rare in today's culture. I feel so blessed to have a family! I've grown closer to my siblings in the past couple years then ever before. Having those special, quality time with my siblings, make's it all the more special. Yes, sometimes my siblings ask me something so simple like, "Caitlin, can you correct my essay for this week?" While it does interrupt my schedule, I need to remember to spend quality time with them, and to make the best with what I have. I don't get those moments back. There was a time this week when I had to finish my assignment before the end of the day, and one of my siblings asked me to play a game with them. Instead of saying, "Sure! I'd be glad to play!", I told them, "I've got to much to do. Maybe later." After I said that, I realized that my assignment can wait; my siblings are more important!
So, my point is, even in the busy time, go enjoy your family/siblings while you can! Make time out of your day to be with them!
I'll be back to write hopefully this next week! ;) Blessing!

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