Saturday, April 13, 2013

Homeschool Day at the Capitol!

This past Friday, was our annual, "Homeschool Day at the Capitol". We start off at a church not far from the capitol, and there's skit's, speakers, and music. After that, we eat lunch, and then march around the state Capitol, letting our legislative's know that we care about Homeschooling, and Christianity.
After the rally at the steps of the Capitol, we can go inside the Capitol. I took a lot of pictures below of the Museum that was in the dome. Every year I seem to be more fascinated with the history of how the Capitol got to be there, and the construction of it. There's lots of pictures, so please bear with me! ;)
The rally on the front steps of the Capitol. They estimated about 1,500-2,000 people being there. 

 Inside the Capitol

 To go inside the Museum on the top of the dome, you had to climb all these steps. :)

 An actual cannon ball they used in a Canon outside the Capitol.

Our State Legislative's having a meeting.
 Inside the Museum.
 This is what our state Capitol looks like on the outside.

That's it, so I hope you enjoyed them! :)


  1. That's really interesting! Our State has a "Homeschool Day At the Capital" too!
    Thanks for posting, dear!

  2. What a fund trip! Seeing the beautiful building and visiting the museum must have been a truly wonderful experience!



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