Thursday, February 2, 2012

When You are at your Wits End Part 2

The Lord's our rock, in Him we hide,
secure whatever ill betide
A shelter in the time of storm

The raging storms may round us beat
We'll never leave our safe retreat,
a shelter in the time of storm.

~Ira Sankey

This song brings me to the question...Who do you put your trust in? When times are tough, and it's hard to hold on, where do you go? Where do you hide?
The Storm:
"It causes us to catch our breath. It captures perfectly the power of nature in all its unleashed fury. As our eyes move across the canvas, we know what it means to be clinging to the deck of a ship that is caught in a terrible storm. We take the forces of nature for granted-until we become their helpless prey.
We know how the disciples felt, violently tossed in the nighttime waves and fearing death before Jesus came. We know how the passengers of the Titanic felt on a far calmer night-but one in Which the greatest ship ever built was no match for a stray block of ice. We're gazing at the portrait of a furious tempest."

(Excerpt from: When your world falls apart by David Jeremiah)

The question is...can we stand?
The answer! We can't stand. Not alone! that's why God's there. He takes us by the hand, and he helps us along the way. He helps us through the raging seas, and torrents of water that come crashing down on us. God is right there with us at our Wit's End. He will guide us safely through.
Here is a video. It's called, "Hold On" by 33 Miles.
I hope you enjoy

Hold On on GodTube.

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