Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Snowy Day

This last weekend we got pounded with snow.
It brought me to the point of realizing that I can't always count on good things to happen all the time. I don't like the snow...it's too cold, and too windy.
This last week, a bunch of things that we were planning, were canceled because of the snow.
One of those mornings, my sister wanted to go sledding. So, I took my sister, my little 3 1/2 year old brother, and my 13 year old brother, and we went down to the park nearby and sledded.
My brother, Austin, forgot to mention to me that there was a bump in the middle of the sledding hill. So, down Austin and I went on the Toboggan, and THUMP, ouch! Yep, My body was aching, but hey, it was fun! My little brother, Elijah, was having a wonderful time going down on the sled "by himself", and my sister, Joy, was having a wonderful time with her siblings.
Today, we got about 2" inches of snow. Yep, you guessed it, another snow day! I'm still sore from the first snow day.
I thought about the question, "What if..." what if today was my last day on the earth? Would I be happy about the moments that I treasured with my siblings? Or would I wish that I would have spent more time with them?
There are so many of my friends at church who have a wonderful relationship with their siblings, and I knew that that's what I wanted to have. So, even though it may take some effort, MAKE TIME! Make time for them! Even if it means putting off a project that you really wanted to do, it will mean more than you know to them. Even if it's just reading a book to them, or having a tea party, or playing a game. Make time for your siblings, after all, who knows, maybe today is our last day with them. Treasure it, while you can!

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