Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Crucifixion

Tonight for our family worship, we read John 19.
It was the chapter on Jesus Crucifixion.
While we were reading it, I started crying. No, I am not usually an emotional person, but I couldn't help it. Jesus let people whip him, spit at him, put a crown of thorns on this head, when all he had to do was call out to God, and God would have rescued Him. But Jesus knew what he had to do in order for us to be with Him. Isn't that incredible?

A few nights ago, I watched Fireproof. In the part of the movie when Caleb Holt gives himself to God, Caleb's dad said, "son, you just asked me how you can love someone when they constantly reject you. The answer can't, because you don't have God's love." He said, "Jesus loves us even though we reject him, and spit in his face."
Isn't that so true? We are constantly disobeying his laws, or ignoring his commandments, and yet he still loves us with unconditional love!
Now, does that mean that we can get away with sin? No! Absolutely not! God will judge us in the end.

Now, getting back to the crucifixion, Jesus is so amazing!!! Last year when I watched the "Passion of the Christ" for the second time, and I cried like crazy. I couldn't understand why people wanted to crucify him. I was mad, and upset.
I am so thankful that Jesus died on that cross willingly! And now, I can spend an eternity with him, forever and ever.

Here's a video called, "Why?" My dad showed it to me last year, and I've always kept the video. Please listen to the words; It makes me truly appreciate the sacrifice that God made for me.

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