Sunday, August 21, 2011

God will pick you up when you fall

We just recently got back from, "Renewing the Family Camp" in Maxwell, Nebraska at Maranatha Bible Camp, with some friends from church, and other families. We had a wonderful time filled with laughter fun and games. During one of the days they had a family roller skating day in the big gym that they had there; in which I took my little brother Elijah. He's never roller-skated before, so it was fun for him. When he first started to do it, he would fall down and start to whimper a little. I then picked him up, and we started over again. It's a great reminder that likewise- God is always there picking us up when we fall. He's right there for us, ready to for us to land into his arms when we fall.
I've attached a video called, "God's Incredible Creation"'s a great reminder of what kinds of things God puts on this earth, as a reminder that he's there, and that he still loves us.
My friend Emily once told me, "Each sunrise is a message from God; each sunset is His signature"...remember that as you watch this video.

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