Monday, August 8, 2011

~Do you feel Defeated? Give your burden to God~

Over the last few years I have gotten quite a few emails from various friends and family asking for advice. They feel like they can go any further, and that maybe God has forgotten about them. Or that maybe he doesn't care.
Recently my friend sent out a prayer request to a group of us girls on the prayer support list. She told us that some things were going on her family but that she couldn't specify what. A week or so later she emailed everyone to let everyone know that the reason was her mother's Health. Her mother has Breast Cancer, and was going through a rough
spot in life. They were going through test and are still deciding to see if their mom needs or should take Chemo Therapy.
It's hard in life when you've reached a point in the road where you feel lonely. Believe me, I know. I've been there too.
But...God is right there with us. He has been tempted, rejected, pushed around, hated, laughed at, mistreated, crucified, lonely, and angry before. He knows how you feel, and he is right there with you comforting you. When Jesus found out the Lazarus died, it says in the Bible that "Jesus Wept". He knows what it feels like to lose someone. When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, he felt alone. He's been there. He knows how you feel. Let him take all your troubles, fears, anxieties, and worry's. He'll take it, if you let him.
Here is a poem that my Uncle Time wrote. I thought that I should let you all read it.

Satan's waged a war for thousands of years,
and brought forth millions of tears.
infiltrating our inner lines, Putting evil thoughts into our minds.
He's destroyed our trust in one another,
and turned sister against brother.
He attacks the mind that's his playground,
and he really knows his way around.
He perfected his schemes, and filled our minds with doubt.
which makes us think there's no way out.
Attacking unrelentlessly , he slaughtered God's Holy Lamb.
Desecrating the words of the one who says I AM.
But in Satan's ignorance, what he didn't see,
Is the Lamb that he slaughtered, is our eternal victory!
Now he struts up and down this land,
thinking everything is in his hand.
Satan is known as the angel of light,
disobedient deceiver, he continues to fight.
He roams the earth seeking whom he may devour,
but soon he will see God's final hour.
Satan fills our heart with jealousy and with pride,
making it hard to stand side by side.
Always attacking in such a way
that even God's best Lambs are led astray.
He'll make you believe things that are not true,
try to make you do things you don't want to do.
putting temptations before your eyes
and covering them up in disguise.
The battle cry is getting louder.
the countdown is close to the finals hour.
Satan's attacking from every side.
but he's STILL no match for The Crucified!
~ By Tim Baughman '88

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