Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thank you God

A couple days ago, I was blessed to babysit a family that I teach Piano to, as well as babysit. I told the girls to go get ready for bed, while I finished the dishes. So, without another word, they went up to do everything that needed to be done. After I read them a night time book, the girls asked if I would start off praying before they did. I was very blessed to find a Christian household who finds prayer so important. One of the girls, Maddy, whom is 5 prayed a beautiful prayer. All she said was, “Dear God, thank you for Miss Caitlin coming over to babysit us, thank you for the day we had, thank you for my grandma, thank you for… ----.” I smiled when she finished, because I realized that we don’t thank God enough even for the little things. Maddy was thanking God for the small things like her neighbors and grandma. How much does God ask of us?

     Going home that night I realized that I needed to thank God over the little things in life too. Don’t just thank God for Family and friends, but thank Him for the butterfly that made the little boy laugh earlier that week, or thank Him for the nice Sunny days that you can spend a day at the park with your family and/or friends.

We don't thank God enough these days.
I found this poem online, and I thought it fit perfectly. Enjoy!

Thank you God for towering pines.
Thank you God for clear, blue skies and the buzzing of Dragon flies.
Thank you God for all of nature,
Clean Air, puffy clouds,
Enough rain to guarantee a fruitful bounty.
Thank you God, that we live in this nation on earth.
Most of us realize , we hit the jackpot at birth.
Thank you God for caring neighbors, kind neighbors, friendly neighbors.
Neighbors who value nature and quiet.
And the peace filled in an acre of land,
God, you have outdone your hand.
Thank you God for towering Pines,
the songs of birds, all that is pure and fine.
Nothing man makes can ever come close
to the fortune we experience everyday,
Here on your Earth.
Thank you God for the birds and the bees
and even those annoying fleas.
Thank you God for the sun in our eyes
for the beauty of nature and all of its surprise!
Thank you God for still loving us when we fail,
There is a lesson to be learned there
As we move along our trail.
Thank you God for your wondrous presence in our face,
Even when we fall from your grace.
Thank you God for being Our Father,
who shines down upon us
So we know to get up and bother
to live another day,
to celebrate our stay, 
Here on your wonderful planet , Earth.

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  1. Great reminder, Caitlin!

    "Pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
    - I Thessalonians 5:17-18


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