Monday, May 13, 2013

The Christian Homeschool Dog

This last week, our family had to talk about a very sad subject. Our golden retriever dog is 12 yrs. Old. She’s the only dog we’ve ever had. Our family had to discuss about her death. Our dog is getting so old that it’s showing on her. She’s going blind in one eye, has a huge wart type thing on her foot, doesn't chase things anymore, and is overall… slow! L I keep reminding myself that death is a part of life. It happens to everyone and everything eventually. The other day, when my dad asked us about whether or not we wanted to say goodbye to her before she died. What do you say to that? Our dog, “Annie”, has become a part of our family. She’s the best family dog we could’ve ever asked for!!! 

     I keep reminding myself that we’ll get another dog after we put her down, but it’s not the same. Annie loves people! She love’s children of all ages! She lies with anyone, and let’s babies climb on her and yank on her.  There are not enough words that I can explain about our dog. She’s so calm, quiet, and what our friend’s calls her, “The Christian Homeschool Dog”.

     In the Bible, we see in John 11:35 that, “Jesus Wept”. Even God knew what sadness meant. Are there going to be animals in heaven? No, they don’t have spiritual souls, but… how can there not be animals in heaven? God created them! And while God doesn't tell us if animals will be in heaven, we can wonder. Wonder what God has in store. The last time I had a death in my family, I hardly remembered it, because I was so young. Our dog’s death will be the first death that I experience. No, dogs aren't people, but they do leave you feeling loved! I remember one day when I was young, I was crying in our backyard; our dog came over to me and just sat next to me as if she knew why I was sad. Dogs are loyal. You've heard it say, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” While yes, God gives us animals to enjoy, God should be our best friend. So, I have to put my best foot forward and… move on. Will I forget about our dog when we have to put her down? No! However, God gives us comforting words in Revelation 21:4, 
He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” We love you Annie! 

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