Monday, July 23, 2012

What else could go wrong?

Our Trip back from Texas was quite an experience. The night before we left, our A/C went the middle of Texas. So, you guessed it; windows rolled down the entire way to Colorado. There was never a break. So, we couldn't listen to any of our audio that we saved. The first gas station we stopped at, we put the car into reverse, and...our transmission went out. Thankfully, we told our family and friends about it, they all prayed for us, and we made it safely to our house without another problem.

My cousins wedding was wonderful!!! The only bad part was that all the brides maids and one bride groom got sick with some virus that night and the next day. The Bride didn't show a sign of sickness though, so no one suspected it.

My time with my family/cousins/Aunt's/Uncle's/Grandparents was wonderful! I have never seen so many people happy.

On Friday morning we found out about the shooting that happened in Aurora Colorado, and found out that our friends the "Lane's" had a friend who was seriously wounded and that the Doctor's were doing a surgery on her brain. Thankfully, Petra is doing wonderful! And to think that I was at Petra's!

so, that is our trip...we arrived on Sunday night all very hot and tired. Our family reaunion was wonderful, and we talked, played, and sang. I have posted some pictures of where the wedding was and a few others...

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