Saturday, December 3, 2011

Helping One Another

What does it mean when we Help one another?

My mom has been struggling with Insomnia for several years, and she has gone to every chiropractor, doctor, and herbalist that she can think of and nothing is helping. She is very stressed right now, and around this time of year needs a break.

The other day I asked my mom, "What helps you to feel less stressful", she then told me that making the dinners for the week is what really stresses her out. So, I cook mostly all the dinners at the house to help my mom out.
Have you ever helped someone out so much that they thanked you over and over again? It feels good, doesn't it?

Today I was doing my writing homework for the week, and my sister asked me, "Kate, can I do the dishes for you?"
I was so blessed by her offering to do something so small, yet so big.
It's different for each person, mother, and father. Some mom's might think that doing Laundry is very stressful, others think that doing the dishes, or cleaning the house is stressful. In a previous entry I talked about a worry and stress free life. Let's face it, I am not an expert. It is so much harder said than done. Now, I will admit that sometimes I don't have a good day, and when my mom asks me to do something I do it with a heavy heart.
Sometimes helping one another with each others burden's is what blesses people.

So, what can you do to bless others? It can be a friend, relative, sibling, or a parent. Whatever it is, ask them what you can do to help them. Trust me, they will be blessed.

"Bearing with one another, and forgiving one another...Even as Christ forgave you..."
~Colossians 3:13

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