Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

     This past week, Josh and I headed up to Wisconsin to visit with Josh's family. While we were there, they threw a "We've-tied-the-knot" party for Josh and I. 
     We enjoyed our time in Wisconsin, talked a lot, laughed a lot, had fun, and enjoyed each other's company. While there, Josh opened his birthday gifts from his brother, Joel. Likewise, Joel opened his gifts from Josh. We all had Ice Cream Cake afterwords. I also tried Frozen Custard for the first time, and it was soooooo good! :)
     I posted some pictures below of what our weekend looked like. What did ya'll do for Labor Day and/or labor Day weekend? I'd love to hear! Leave a comment below! 

Josh enjoying the party!

 Grandma Narwold holding her first granddaughter!
 Grandpa Narwold holding Norah Jane for the first time!
 Uncle Josh holding Norah
 The beautiful outdoors
 Josh holding Norah, and Josh's younger brother, Joel.
 Daddy Narwold enjoying his sweet daughter!
 I love Josh and I's rings! <3
 On our way back we stopped at Mar's Cheese Castle. It was pretty neat!

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