Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 11th Anniversary

Today marks the day that my dear little sister, "Grace Elizabeth Baughman" would have had her 11th birthday.

For those of you who don't know the story or don't remember, I'll tell you.
The Beginning...
It was a crisp fall morning from what I remember....
I had just woken up, and my cousin was still sleeping. (my cousins came with my grandparents to visit cousins parents would be coming later the next day)
Since my cousin was still sleeping, and knowing how long she sleeps, I went out to the living room....there I saw my Grandma...crying...with her hands on her head. I didn't think I should interrupt her, so I went back to my room. My cousin had just
woken up, and was rubbing her eyes.

My Grandma walks in the room then, her eyes, swollen from crying. She says, "Caitlin...your mom went to the hospital this morning...Grace died." I held the tears back as it stung me. I had prayed to God for a little sister, and now, I didn't have one! "God...what are you doing???"
I asked inside myself.

Grace Elizabeth Baughman was a still born at 8 months pregnancy. She was sick, and my parents didn't know it. My mom felt something was wrong, and so my dad rushed her to the hospital. My mom got to hold Grace for a few minutes before she
was taken away with one of the nurses.

My mom came home a few days later; eyes swollen from crying so much.
She had carried little Grace for 8 months, and now...she was confused.

The Funeral was that Saturday. Our family and friends flew out to visit us in our distress, and for the funeral. I had worn a light green dress with flowers on it. I was
only 9 years old at the time, and I as well was confused.

As the weeks flew by, my mom and dad still hadn't healed. We had wonderful friends watch us kids, which at the time was Corey,(11) me,(9) Ethan,(6) and Austin. (2)
I was enjoying my time with my friends, and didn't realize what a hard time my
mom was having recovering from this loss.

That Thanksgiving, we were at our usual family reunion, which was in California at the time. We were at my Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Danny's house. We were celebrating my grandma's birthday, which wasn't for another few weeks, but we celebrated it any way. My Grandma opened her card, and tears filled her eyes. She stood up, and gave my parents a hug saying, "Congratulations!!!" I was totally confused...what was in the card? "What did it say?" I asked. My dad said, "Mommies going to have another baby!!!" Wow!!! Unbelievable!!! God had answered my prayer!!!

On June 11th...Joy Elianna Baughman was born, weighing 4 Ibs. and 5 Onces. She had a cleft lip, a hole in the roof of her mouth, and was not dad said, "Joy! Joy, stay with us sweety!" And she started breathing. She was in the NICU for a week, and with a few surgeries a few months after she was born...she
was a normal little girl! God had answered my prayer! mom and dad named "Grace" Grace because God blessed us with her, which is what her name meant...we named "Joy" Joy, because God gave us yet another blessing of Joy!!! "Where Grace abounds, Joy Prevails" is what my mom named her Journal.
Our family went through a long journey, but going through this journey has caused my parents to KNOW that God is SOVEREIGN!!! And Ruler over all!
Tonight, my mom is taking an art class...she cried because, she feels like, even though the pain is still there, that she can finally start over. She can enjoy her life as it passes her by, and going through life she is learning that God is in control, and that
he has a perfect plan for everything!!!

...So, that's the story of my sister, "Grace Elizabeth Baughman"...
"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to HIS purpose."
~Romans 8:28~

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. I know how you feel; my little brother Uriah. Only breathed a couple seconds after he was born. Its amazing how someone you have never met can be so close to your heart. It hurts.
    MY little sister was born a couple years later! We were so thankful and blessed.

    Again thank you. My prayers!


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