Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rodeo Queens and...

Many of you may not agree with me on this issue, but I feel like it has to be discussed. Last night, our family went to the "free" day Rodeo at our local fairgrounds. Before it all started, there were, "Rodeo Queens" that were elected and chosen before judges. There were about 12 girls between the ages of maybe 14 and 18. They wore shiny, glittery shirts, cowboy boots and hats, tight jeans, curled up hair and a fabric symbol across their chest saying,
"Rodeo Queen"and some other things.

That's how today's culture is...isn't it?
We flaunt our bodies as if it were some fashion show; and make our body shape stand out. We've lost the term "modest". There is no such thing any more to this culture. What they call modest, is basically besides the under garments, a shirt and short...not realizing how tight things can be can really draw
attention to themselves.

I once heard a story about a professor...he was teaching classes, and there was this one young woman that stood out. She wore tight clothing, low cut shirts, and flaunted her body everywhere she went. The professor was drawn into it, but knew that it was sin especially since he was married and had kids waiting for him at home. He told his wife about his issue. His wife thanked him for being honest, and she asked him what he was going to do about it. Well, the next week, he met with the board of directors, and they got together with this young woman. They told her about the professors struggle, and she immediately burst into tears. You see...she didn't know that it was a sin to be dressing like that. She didn't realize that the way she walked, talked, and dressed was tempting this young man. So, the next day when she came to class, she dressed in loose clothing, that covered up everything. She soon became a Christian after that.

Some women don't know how to dress. Some ignore it, and some don't even know what's right and wrong. Regardless, the Bible tells us..."Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly..."
(1st Timothy 2:9)

So, I'm NOT saying that you can't wear, this or that, and that you have to dress this way and that way...but I am saying that we need to be careful with our thought process behind our clothing. Are we dressing the way we do to draw a certain attention to ourselves? Are we even thinking that some of the things we wear, make other people stumble? I don't want anyone to get across me wrong, and to think me very judgmental, but I would suggest maybe asking yourselves, or better yet, your brother/dad/husband/sister/mom what they think about your clothing. There may be nothing wrong with your clothing or
how you dress, but I would at least discuss it with them.
Who knows, you just may be surprised.

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