Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Rush, rush, rush...all of us have gone through a rush at one time or another. A rush to get to work, a rush to the Movies, Rush to get to church on time, rush, rush, rush. I began thinking of all of the people that I pass on the street or in the store who aren't walking on "my time". Yes, they may be slow, but have you ever thought...why? What makes them so slow? Can't they understand that we need to be at this thing at this time...? So, what makes them talk,
think, walk, drive...so slow?

A while back ago, my dad showed me a story. It was a story about rushing, and about how no one runs on "our" time...reading on, it goes on to say that maybe the reason why the lady in front of us is going so slow, is just because, she just received news that day, that she has stage 4 cancer, and will only live 3 more months...she's taking in every moment that she has...

So, what happens when life slows down? When your maybe running from one graduation, to another, or one wedding, to a soccer game...what's happens at the end of all that? Life slows down...are we content in this? Sometimes, maybe...I know I'm not all the time.
So maybe we need to slow down in life. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the time/moments that God has given us. You never know, today may be your last day on earth.

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