Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amish Trip / Vacation

Hello all!!! So far the vacation is going wonderful!!! On Monday late afternoon we arrived at our friends the "Tjaden's" house. We had a wonderful time visiting with them!!! (for those of you who don't know, the Tjaden's are our old time friends from Colorado that moved to Missouri 4 years ago) We were originally going to stay with them overnight, but Mrs. Gebhard's was having allergy problems with the, we stayed at a close
Motel/Hotel that night.
The next morning, we all met at a dollar store, and caught an Amish man and buggy. To respect them, unfortunately I couldn't take a, I guess you'll have to believe me ; ) the Amish people are so very friendly by the way. After that, we went to an Auction that Amish sell their produce at, and then we went to "Anna's" house...she is an Amish, along with her husband and children. We looked at their farm, went inside their house, and even got a long buggy ride. I have posted some pictures of the Amish house inside and out. After that we went to McDonald's to eat lunch before heading to a volleyball game that the Tjaden's were in...they won by the way!!! After the game, to celebrate, we went to McDonald's again...I had a coffee-something...anyway's, that was so fun!!!
The next morning, we went to the "Little House on the Prairie Historical Si
te"...that was so much fun!!! (Especially with the Tjaden's) After touring the Ingalls/Wilder house, we were on the road again. We came to a hotel that night and we all so tired, went straight to bed. This morning, we swam in the pool after eating breakfast. After that. we were on the road again...beautiful views by the way!!! ; )
Here are some pictures below...

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