Sunday, May 6, 2012

God is in Control!

So many times in our life, we have doubts. We doubt that someone is going to get well, we doubt if the pregnancy will go through or if it's going to be yet another miscarriage. We doubt that God can save this person or that person, we doubt that God has a purpose for us, we doubt, we doubt, we doubt. Isn't God so forgiving? When we doubt, it's a sin. Because we basically doubt that God isn't in control, or that God doesn't have the power to control.
Yes we all have mistakes, and yes we are all sinners, but we need to know that God is in Control. He has a purpose and a plan for everything...even if it's a death of a loved one, a Tsunami, a flood, or an Earthquake.
I found this poem online, and I thought it was appropriate to share.
God Is In Control

Jesus is my refuge on life's stormy sea,
He's the one I run to when Satan gets after me.
I hold to Jesus when the sea waves do toss,
You'll find me there holding to the foot of his cross.
\When you're at the red sea and it seems there's no way out,
Just stand in faith with Jesus do not doubt.
He will part the sea and make a way out for you,
Just hold on to Jesus and you will make it through.
God sent Moses to Pharaoh and told him to set his people free,
But God hardened Pharaoh's heart because it was meant to be.
God is still in control of everybody today,
He put in man's heart of what to do and say.
\Men is tossed to and fro and do not understand,
But God is in control and we are under his command.
People point finger's they blame and accuse,
They deny Christ and him they refuse.
Life is a constant battle on this journey below,
Just trust in Jesus he's in control.
No matter what storm in life you may face,
Just hold on to Jesus and he will save you with his amazing grace
\No matter how ruff and rocky the road you travel may get,
put your faith in Jesus remember he's in control don't forget.
When troubles arise don't point fingers blame and false accuse,
Run to Jesus put your trust in him and do not refuse.
~Barbara Blevins~

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