Friday, February 3, 2017

Burned and burned again

     Yesterday, I took James to the ER. After Doctors examining him, and giving his leg an X-ray, they found that his Femur was fractured. Yesterday, my husband took a tumble with our baby down our very steep set of stairs, and they fell a couple steps. It was enough for both of them to get hurt. So now James has a cast on his leg for the next month at least. It's funny. I feel like every time we leave the hospital, or get through something, God decides to bring something else into our life to give us a time to practice faith, patience, and perseverance.
     In between going to the hospital several times during James babyhood, and just challenging times with our little boy, I feel like I've been burned. I'm burned out quite honestly. I'm tired of getting burned. I'm tired of feeling tired. Every time I think to myself, "This is it! After we get through this, it'll be fine." Quite honestly, it is... just not the way I had pictured. It's funny how different our plans are from Gods, aren't they?!
     Every battle that we finally win with James, is a step closer to being who God wants us as his parents to be. But every battle that comes, there's another one to follow. On top of having my son in the ER yet again, we're trying to purchase a house, plus I'm pregnant, and there's constantly things happening throughout our week that make things challenging through one thing or another.
     I read this article today- Walk Slowly, Mama, and couldn't help but cry. Cry because this is where I am in life... that and I'm pregnant, so things are a lot more emotional for me. ;) The things we do for our children on a daily basis helps to grow us in many ways. We all get burned in one way or another. We get burned by yet another child sick and you've already had 4 days of restless sleep. We get burned because someone let you down. We get burned because we're tired of doing the same thing over and over again. It's funny though. When I think I can't go on any longer, God brings me the encouragement and will to fight. Today, it was my sister-in-law lending me her car to go to Starbucks while James slept. Some days, it's my husband sending me a sweet text telling me that I'm doing great as a mom, and that he's proud of me, and some days, it's reading a part of the Word of God that you just needed to hear. Whatever it may be, God brings you the energy you need to continue to fight the good fight.
     "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." ~2nd Timothy 4:7~


  1. Praying for you Caithlin💕 I know you can make it! Keep your eyes up😊

    With love,

  2. Dear Caitlin...Oh, praying much for you! May the Lord give you super-natural ability and strength as you serve Him faithfully as a wife and momma! I know you are doing an amazing job for the Lord and He has you in the palm of His mighty hand! I am so sorry to hear about the tumble your husband took with little James in his arms...I pray both heal quickly! And may the Lord continue to guide your steps! Thinking of you!
    Blessings and love through Christ,

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Kelly-Anne!

  3. I'm sorry you've had so many challenges with your cute little baby. I've been reading your blog for a while. When my youngest kid was James' age, it seemed like every day was exactly what you're describing. (We were also in and out of the hospital A LOT.)Babies are just hard. Seems like you're doing a great job though. It will get better!


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