Thursday, July 24, 2014

Update on my brother

Thank to all those who've been praying for my little brother. I'd like to give you an update. My dad wrote this to our family and friends, so I'm just copying and pasting what he wrote. Since he knows the medical field more than I do.:)

Elijah had an accident today that involved the log splitter. He will be okay, but he has lost the tip of his wedding ring finger (he isn’t getting married yet-we will figure that out later). We spent the evening in the ER. They did X-rays that showed the accident had taken the top of the bone and the top and side of his flesh completely off. He was a brave one...once they numbed his finger-he went from screaming to talking, laughing, and joking. He will probably have to have surgery. If this happens they will have to shave more of the bone off to make a skin flap to close the wound. He will no longer have a nail on that finger and it will be a little shorter than the rest. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, strength for Amber and I, and our finances. We have not met our deductible and it will likely cost many thousands of dollars.
We thank God it wasn’t worse, he is resting peacefully, and he proudly displays a big bright orange bandage around his fingers. 
 Update #2
Hello everyone,
It is a true blessing to see the body of Christ at work. I have seen many request and questions, so I will try to address in this update. But first the pictures...

Picture 4-This is the x-ray, notice the top of digit #4 (ring finger) missing. Bone and flesh are significantly exposed.
Picture 1-A close up of his new dressing. He has exchanged his orange finger in for a green one. I think this might make him a better gardener...(levity is a good thing in our house)
Picture 3-Elijah showing off his new green dressing. Notice the shirt he is wearing “Live for Adventure”, I think he got more than he bargained for...
Picture 4-This is Elijah relaxing with newly received gift. Todd Strawser brought over some homemade get well cards which were enjoyed by all of us.-Thanks Todd!
Today Amber took Elijah to the hand Surgeon (an “in-network” provider-Praise God! That will save us $1000 on our deductible). He wants to do surgery on Friday morning. Elijah had no appreciation for them taking off the bandage to see the wound. You might think he really liked the orange bandage, but really it had stuck to the wound and opened it back up-poor little guy! They did get him to stop screaming; Amber took it pretty hard, but for a different reason. Work kept me from attending.
The surgeon has an “A” and a “B” plan for the surgery: “A” plan-try to save the nail bed, shave the bone, and close the wound with what is left. “B” plan-take a graft of skin from the fat pad down below his pinky finger to close the wound. Elijah will be going under general anesthesia (a danger in itself) because of his age. They are estimating 45 minutes OR (operating room) time.
We are continuing antibiotics and minimal pain meds. He is in good spirits and likes his new bandage better than the first. :)
Thank you all for your prayers! We're hoping that Elijah will be well enough to go to the zoo on Saturday for his birthday. Praise God it wasn't more serious! :)


  1. Hi - we will be keeping your brother in our prayers!

  2. We will definelty be keeping Elijah in our prayers. Praise God that it wasn't worse than it is!

  3. I will continue to keep your little brother in my prayers. I can't imagine how painful that is. He's one tough little kid.


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