Monday, July 21, 2014

Giveaway Winner! & Prayer!

Congratulations to Heather L. who won the $5 Gift-card to Starbucks!
Heather, I emailed you, but if you didn't receive the email, please contact me, so that I can send you  the gift card as soon as possible. :)

I'd like to do more Giveaway's in the future, so if any of you know of any good places that would like to donate, or be willing to donate, don't hesitate to tell me about it. :)

On a side note, can ya'll please keep my little brother in your prayers.
This evening, I took my 16 year old brother to get a friends trailer to borrow, and I came home, and my sister told me that my mom just left to go to the hospital.
Apparently, Elijah (5) was using our log splitter with some friends who are staying at our house, and he somehow cut his finger. I don't know how bad, all I know is that its bad enough to need a finger splint. My parents are still at the hospital, and will be back in another hour or so. I will update ya'll when I can. As a 5 year old (6 on Saturday) boy, I feel bad for him, and would appreciate your prayers. Especially considering that it'll be a rough night for not only Elijah and my parents, but for the family that's staying with us tonight.
Thank you all!


  1. Praying for Elijah, you, and your family!

  2. So sorry to hear about Elijah! Be sure to let us know when you know more. And congrats to Heather! So fun!

  3. I'm praying! Your poor brother. On the other hand, I really miss you and I hope to see you again soon! That would be great! :)


  4. I will keep your little brother in my prayers, and that he will have a quick recovery with little pain.
    At 5 y.o. I take it he was using a hydraulic log splitter, and not the kind you swing over your head?..


    1. Kimberly, yes, you'd be correct. It was a hydraulic log splitter. Still confused at how it could have happened, but, oh well. He'll have surgery next week to fix his finger. :(

  5. We'll keep him and your family in prayer. God bless you.


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