Monday, December 2, 2013

Leading our busy lives

We got back on Friday night from our annual trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. Our family was able to take a     moment and... rest... some what. 
We were within an hour of our house, and BOOM, our tire blew! :( Thankfully we had a spare in the trunk, but we made it safely home.
As I was unpacking last night, and this morning, I took a moment and prayed. I thanked God that we had a wonderful trip, and that we made it home safely. I thanked God that we noticed some good changes with some of our family members, and friends. And I thanked God that we are so blessed! 
On Saturday, we had gotten our Christmas Tree, had our traditional chili, fudge, Christmas lights hanging, and Christmas movie watching. Our friends came over for a couple hours, and it was so fun! 
But again, on Sunday, our rest didn't stop! ;) We had gone to church, had our church potluck, and then took my dad to the airport so that he can be refreshed in the morning for his class in Chicago.
You know, I don't think we will get to rest, until after Christmas. ;)

As I was contemplating this week what I was going to get accomplished, I had to stop and think. I had so many things to get done on my "list". So much to do before "this event" or "that event".
I was wondering, "Did Jesus have a list?" I list of, "heal this person at this time, at this place". No, Jesus knew what was going to happen, he didn't need a list. Sometimes, things happen that aren't on our "list". A child might get sick, you might get in a car wreck, a friend might need you, a loved one might be struggling... etc... all of these made me realize just how important it is to lay our burdens down at the foot of the cross.

Last night, I was doing some shopping, and I had stopped at Starbucks because I had a free coffee to use for that day only. I thought to myself, "I'll just run in, come back out and go to Target to see if they have the shoes I've been wanting for years." I got into the Suburban, and BAM... the car wouldn't start. So, I called my brother, and one thing led to another, we had to call a tow truck. I started to get so upset, but then after a while I realized, "God's plans, are NOT my own plans." Maybe God prevented me from going because I could have been in a car wreck that night and died. Or maybe, God wanted to teach me patience and contentment! ;) Whatever the case may be, we need to STOP what we're doing, and thank God that we're still here, and that he's not finished with us... even in our busy lives. ;) So, make time for HIM!

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