Saturday, August 10, 2013

Homemaker in Training

The opportunities that we have as
homemakers-in-training are abounding everywhere we look.
Whether a daily task such as laundry folding, a
weekly culinary duty such as baking bread, a bi-weekly errand to the grocery
store or a seemingly "mundane" job, (like scrubbing the household toilets) we
have every opportunity imaginable to exercise and practice skills while we are
yet "in training".
But there is more to being a homemaker, than the
jobs which we can do. Young Ladies, (mothers/daughters/wives) it has to do with our hearts. And it is our choice. Will we perform our homemaker duties with joy and delight
in each task (which includes scrubbing the crummiest of toilets), or will we
choose to frown upon these daily opportunities? Will we choose a servants
heart or will we try to minimize the effect of being a
We can make a whole house sparkle from top to
bottom but if our heart isn't full of love from Christ, then that perfect house
means nothing. We can make a delicious supper for our family, or run an errand
for Mom, but if our hearts are grumbling then our act that could have been a
blessing, means nothing.

We can garden, can, clean, sew, take care of
babies, run errands, meet every agricultural farm need, whip out loads of
laundry in lightning speed, and make a mean pot of soup BUT if our heart is not
thankful to the Lord for the blessing of being a homemaker in training, if we
are not grateful and full of joy at our Proverbs 31 calling, then what a waste
of the opportunity that the Lord gives us as women!
The choice is yours - do you find JOY in being a

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