Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finding Joy in the Little Things

This last week my brothers were hunting with my dad and uncle. So, it was just us girls and Elijah at home. My mom and I had talked one morning about finding joy in the little things. She said that even though she only gets 4 hours of sleep, (she has insomnia) that she should be grateful that she even got any sleep. She said, “Last night when I played the game with you girls, even though I was really tired, I realized that I should be joyful that I have 2 girls to play a game with; and that we can laugh in the little things.” My dad had talked to my mom the last night that they were out, saying the day was horrible because a certain brother of mine kept complaining. My mom then told him, “Yes, but be grateful that you got to go hunting with 3 of your sons, and your brother!” Sometimes we don’t look at the little things in life that we should be joyful in. Maybe, late night talks with your parents, watching a movie with your siblings, playing games with family/friends. All of these, we should be joyful in, that we had the time with them to do something like that. 

How often do we complain?
Start looking at the little things in life and be grateful.
Instead of being bummed that my little brother is growing up waaaaay to quickly. I should be grateful and joyful that I had/have time to let him be one of my best friends, and the one
that he comes to when he cries. J
Sometimes it’s hard to look at the “good” things in life. Instead of looking at a little boy who spilled milk all over the floor and being angry at him, look at the, “silly mess” that he
made and laugh a little.

Like my mom said, “even when you’re tired, and you feel like yelling at everyone and/or everything, FIND the joy in the little things.” J


  1. Inspiring! I needed the reminder to not complain and be grateful :-)

  2. That is so true Caitlin! Thanks for the reminder!

    You left me a comment about me interviewing you and I'd love too! :) Would you give me your email please and then I'll email you the questions and such! :) Thank you for following and showing interest in interviewing! :)


    p.s. It might take till next week for me to email you by the way because I'm not on the computer tons! :) Sorry it took this long to get back to you!

    1. Hi Ireland! There is a "contact me" on the right of my sidebar. I will also leave a comment on you blog letting you know about my "contact me" button. :)


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