Saturday, October 13, 2012


Since my brothers and dad are hunting for the next few days, we girls decided to watch girl movies, and movies that my brother’s don’t like because it’s too low of a quality for them. : )

Yesterday, my sister and I watched, “Hinds Feet on High Places”, put on my Compass International. It’s one of those movies that the acting isn't that great, but the point to the movie is great!!! While watching this, I saw my life in that movie! I saw myself going through the desert of loneliness, and the wilderness of darkness. I was in that same position that “Much-Afraid” was in! And of course, I started to cry! One of the songs, stuck out to me though... When Much Afraid was climbing the steep rock, the Shepherd, and her 2 companions were helping her to keep her footing. While they were climbing this steep rock, a song came on called, “I think I see Gold”…I started to cry as I listened to the words of the song. I thought I’d share it with ya’ll! But please don’t think of it as a song that I like, but as a testimony that God will be with you, and that he is still working on you!!! I think the video presents the verses as well as the lyrics and the song that so easily reminds us that God is with us no matter what!!!

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