Monday, November 7, 2011

What if ...?

There was a video that I once saw that I can’t find, so I’d like to share
with you in my own words as best as I can.
Once there was a man who was blind. He went by the stairs to a building nearby, and sat down with a sign that he made out of cardboard that read, “I am blind, anything helps”. This man would just sit there with a cup by his foot for people to give him money. Occasionally he would get a few coins here and there, but not much. After a few hours this young woman comes over to him, takes the sign that this man wrote, and writes something on it with a permanent marker. The old man felt her shoes at the bottom of his feet, and wondered what she was doing. After the woman wrote down something on the board, she walked away without saying a word.
A few minutes later there were people passing by this man and they were constantly putting coins and money into this man’s cup. An hour or so later the young woman came back. Once again the old man felt her shoes, and recognized it as being the same woman who wrote something on the cardboard. Curious, the man said, “Miss, what did you write on my sign?” The woman then replied, “I wrote what you wrote, only with different words; and with that, she walked away. As the woman walked away without another word, the camera focused onto the sign that said, “It’s a beautiful day outside, and I can’t see it.”

Put yourself in this man’s shoe … what if you were blind? It makes you think … huh?

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