Thursday, January 21, 2016

Singleness and Marriage

     We've all been there.... some are still there. We long for love. We long to love somebody. We long to serve that one person for the rest of our lives. We long to be held when we're upset, angry, sad, or happy. We long to be cared for, and to feel special. We long for...

     If not marriage, we long for that special someone, that we can feel like we actually matter. We long to be loved.
     I've been there. I know. I was single not too long ago. I prayed for years for a husband, when I was 17 or 18, and ready for marriage... or so I thought I was ready.
     I really didn't like talking to guys. They made me nervous. The only ones I felt comfortable talking to was the ones I had know for 10+ years... which wasn't very many at all. I longed to have children and to start a family one day. I longed to be loved and to be cared for. I longed to serve someone, and to wake up next to a husband one day.
     I don't think I really understood what marriage was at that time. My only reason to get married was to be loved, and to have children. God has since then been working on my heart, and He knew when I was ready.
     All the men that I knew at church, I couldn't ever imagine even marrying for various reasons. I had a list like many people do. A list that represented what I wanted in a husband... a Godly man who'd serve God first. A man who loved playing games, and who loved being around children. A man who despite his sins, would be perfect for me. I desired a man who would love me despite seeing my daily sings, and struggles, and still says he loves me at the end of the day.
     I struggled even more when I got to 20 and 21. I saw all my friends around me get married, and have children. I saw the beginning of love blossoming. I was able to witness what a Godly courtship (or whatever you want to call it) was. Only, there weren't any men for me around. When I turned 22, I had kind of given up I guess you could say. I told God that I wasn't going to waste my life waiting for Mr. Prince Charming. I wanted to learn things in the meantime until a man came into my life. So, I decided to pursue being a Labor Doula. I put my desires/hopes/dreams on the back burner, and I decided to pursue other things.. another thing I loved... children. With the help of my family, I felt content in my life. Content that If I wasn't going to be married for another 5 more years, I'd have something to pursue. Something to give God the glory, and something that I could live to talk about.
     3-4 weeks after my birthday, a man came into my life. Little did I know that I'd be marrying him 6 months later.
     So, the point of me telling you my story? To let you know that I've been there. I've been single. I've been there yearning to be loved and to love somebody. I know what it's like to wait. Waiting is hard, isn't it?! Waiting on Gods timing, and not our own.
     I can truly say that after looking back at my life, God knew I wasn't ready for marriage when I was 21. I wanted to get married for the wrong reasons.
     I'm not saying that if you are content in life, God will bring "the one" to you. But, I'm saying, you singleness isn't going to be like this forever. You may get married in 5...10...15 years! Until then, what are you doing with your life? Are you living life the fullest every day? Are you cherishing your single years?...Whether you're a man or a woman! Are you serving?...In and outside of the church? Singleness is a treasure! So is marriage! I was reminded of just how great God is to bless me with a Godly husband as Josh this morning when this came on the radio.
Many Blessings on your week!


  1. As soon as I seen the song Blessings by Laura Story my mind was awash in memories of the first time I heard this song. I was 22 and was facing a difficult time in my life related to feeling like a failure at the goals I had set for myself and the challenge of overcoming the obstacles to attain my goals. This particular week and weekend was a constant reminder of my challenges which led to my attending a different church then the one then I usually attended. This song was the special music and I was in the perfect point in my life to appreciate the message that God was with me while dealing with the challenges/hardships I was facing and that they could end up being a blessing for me. The perfect place in my life to appreciate the questions "what if [God's] blessings come through raindrops/what if [God's] healing comes through tears…what if the trials of this life are [His] mercies in disguise." This was reinforced when the next weekend I returned to my usual church and heard the song for a second weekend in a row!
    Do I have this lesson down pat, no. Do I still need to be reminded that God's blessings can come in disguise, yes. I will not say that it will be easy but I can say from my own experience that God can and does satisfy us during drought (Isa 59:11) and that "the trials of this life" truly are "mercies in disguise. Lest anyone is concerned about being left hanging, within a year of this experience I had attained my goal that I had been working on. For those wondering why things don't seem to be working out for them I will say that I am currently working on another goal and have by no means had smooth sailing, yet in remembering how God has been with me in the past I find is what helps me continue on.

    1. I'm glad you were blessed by that song! It's always been a favorite of mine! :)


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