Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Days Like These

Hello all! As I write blog posts, I've kind of come to a "writer's block" so to speak. I've been super busy with teaching Piano and babysitting lately, and as the fall season hits, I'm thinking my weekly schedule will be a little more organized. ;) 
     If most of you don't know already, I'm officially an Aunt! :) Precious little Norah Jane Narwold was born a couple weeks ago, and everyone is so happy to welcome her into this world! 
Proud mama: Ashley!

 Proud Papa: Jonathan
 My hubby holding his niece! ;)

 Norah Jane Narwold

     As I was listening to "Days Like These" the other day by Natalie Grant, I was reminded about all the times I've had with my husband. The moments when Josh decides last minute, to put our wedding song on speaker, takes my hand, and we dance right before bed. The moments when we take a walk, hand in hand, talking about life's many blessings. The moment when I see my husband hold a newborn for the first time, and I'm in awe. Life is full of so many blessing!... some of which I take for granted so often. I'm so thankful for a wonderful, Godly husband, a wonderful Church family, who's brought me in under their wings, and for those days that I wish wouldn't end. I'm thankful for Tuesday Date-Nights with my hubby. I'm thankful for wonderful Godly parents who are continuing to build Christ kingdom. My mom calls days like these, "Eat-em-up-days". :) I'm so thankful for all my friends and family! Thanks be to God for all the many little blessings in life!
     What kinds of blessings are you grateful for? 

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