Monday, July 13, 2015

Mission to Myanmar

     Hey all! I'm leaving tonight with my husband to head to Missouri for a family reunion for the week; but before I write my next post, I thought I'd share something with you.
     Mission to Myanmar is a mission that my pastor (Mark Robinette) put together, built on Biblical and Foundational principles. I had the opportunity last month to meet Pastor Naing Thang when he was visiting Ohio, who's the pastor there in Myanmar. He takes care of orphans, and preaches the Gospel in their village. My pastor, one of his sons, and a couple others have had the privilege to travel to Myanmar to help build relationship with the people, and to help tend to the flock of God.
      Pastor Mark Robinette says, Galatians 6:10 says, as we have therefore opportunity let us do good to all men "especially unto those of the household of faith". This has kind of been a theme of mine when doing the work of God in Burma. The idea here, is that doing good is one thing, but doing good for our brothers and sisters in Christ Who are in need.
      They are not in need because they have mis-managed funds; they are not in need because they are not willing to work; they are in need because they are taking care of fatherless children, and spreading the gospel in a country, where being a Christian is dangerous for your life, and certainly unpopular! When we are able to be a blessing to them and help them do the work of God, we participate in the work with them in America. We do so little with so much, and in Burma they already do so much with so little. More thought was that we could help them out with what we have, and then, they could do more.
     I'd encourage you to consider giving a very small gift to Mission to Myanmar. Every month there is a way to give a reoccurring gift on the website. The average person lives on less than five dollars a day in Myanmar, and a pastor can be supported for $150-$200 a month for his full-time living! Even if it's only $5 a month, every month, it adds up, and every dollar is so worth it! My husband and I both whole heartily support this, and we get to see the outcome of what everyone's doing to help!

I'd encourage you to check out the website, and see how much every dollar helps!
My husband also created the logo for Mission to Myanmar, which I think looks fantastic! :)

"If you’re looking for a place to get the most out of your missionary bucks, this is a great place." -R.C. Sproul Jr.For more information, please visit:
Let me know if you have any questions or comments! :)

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