Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Focusing on God

Sorry for not posting in a while ya'll! Life for me has been... busy! :)
Actually, that's kind of what I wanted to post about... have you ever had that moment in life when you finally...get to breath?! Life has been going super fast for me right now. I'm teaching Piano all day on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's right now. Tuesday's and Friday's are really the days that I can kind of lay back... not really, but hey! :) I cook all the dinner's in our house, which means that I have to prioritize my time wisely.
I usually only open my computer at night after my younger siblings have gone to bed. By then, I just want to relax, sit in bed with a good book, and sleep! My mom and I have been talking about how God didn't create us to go from one thing to the next. He created us to have rest... which is also why the Sabbath day is super important! A day to really focus on God. Put all things aside, and pray, think on the Lord, and worship Him in all His greatness! Now, that's not to say that we shouldn't focus on God the other days of the week, which brings me to my next point...
If we are so busy and pre-occupied the whole week... when do we make time for God?
For me, it used to be when my little brother would take a nap. Now that he doesn't take naps anymore, his rest times are... loud! What can I say... he's a boy! ;)
But, I try to focus on God during this time. Many times, I find myself not even doing my Bible Study because life throws me in loops. I'm sure you moms and sisters know what I'm talking about!...this baby needs a diaper change, this child needs to be fed, this child has to go to this place at this time, you have to meet your friend here and there... etc... the list goes on. So, when does it stop? When do we take a moment, and breath? When was the last time that you took an hour and completely focused on God, without all the distractions of life? I think I told many of you a couple months ago, that I told my mom that I'm going to leave for the day, take my Bible Study and Prayer Journal with me, and go to a quiet place by the lake to rest, think, ponder, and pray.
So, if you don't have a car, have someone you know (daughter/sister/husband/mother/father) take care of the kids for a little, while you go and focus on God; for my mom, focusing on God is easy when she goes for a walk. Now, I'm not saying that you can't focus on God in the midst of your own home, but when your life gets to be so busy that you can't even breath... it's time to prioritize your life.
So, how can we stop and breath? Easy!... learning to say "NO!" Now, that's easier said than done...right?! I'm still learning it, but if there's one thing my mom taught me, it's to say no to things. Yes, that means you might miss out on this party or that party, but, is it really worth the time you don't get to spend with God because your busy with other things? How important is your time with God? If it's not as important as it should be, then maybe you need to let some things go. Believe me, it's not easy!
 But in the end, it's so worth it!!! 

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  1. Absolutely! Once someone said how all the things that we prioritize above God, like even brushing your teeth, we make sure we do that everyday but not spend time with the God who saved us? Its pretty pathetic! ;) He is always worth spending time with, but it can be so hard! I totally understand :)


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